Itsuka Tiffany de Choushoku o Season 1


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From 1.30 a.m., Sundays, 11 October 2015


Sato Mariko has a boyfriend whom she has been cohabiting with for seven years, but they keep spending little time together and do not even eat breakfast in each other’s company. And yet they had start living together idealising a life where they could enjoy breakfast with smiles … … One day, Mariko calls her friends since high school Akutsu Noriko, Arai Risa and Nasu Shiori for a “morning assembly”. It is to get everyone together in the morning even though they are busy. Having eaten a delicious breakfast, Mariko gets the idea of finding her new self and decides to break up with her boyfriend. Thus, this is the start of the daily quest for the ideal breakfast to her. In other words, breakfast is the start of a day. One day stacks up on top of another to create life. Noriko, Risa and Shiori also get into action on their own troubles. The four of them grow as they face up to their problems and begin to encounter delicious breakfasts.

Triendl Reina as Sato Mariko
She works for an apparel company. When she was a child, she was raise on a table full of a happy breakfast every morning. After breaking up with her boyfriend of seven years, she grows conscious of the happy breakfasts of her memories. She enjoys work more than romance now, but starts to consider her lifestyle amidst her busy days.

Mori Kanna as Akutsu Noriko
Sato Mariko’s high school classmate. The manager of a bar. She is having an affair with the owner, but in her heart she feels that she cannot go on like this. Because she works in the night, what is a regular person’s breakfast, is a meal before she sleeps to her. She takes things at her own pace and is the straight-talking type.

Aragi Yuko as Arai Risa
Sato Mariko’s high school classmate. A yoga instructor. She is stoic and pays attention to the food she eats, and lives on a vegetable diet. Her parents divorced because her father had an affair and the trauma of the men who dumped her in the past have made her hate men. She worries about her three good friends and has a kind heart.

Tokunaga Eri as Nasu Shiori
Sato Mariko’s high school classmate and the only one among the four who is married. She married a co-worker and had a child. She is now a housewife with a 4-year-old son. She is happy about her current life but looking at Mariko and the others makes her start to think of going back to work … …

Adachi Shin (Sachi to Mayu)
Kobayashi Masashi (Dirty Mama)

Original Work
Itsuka Tiffany de Choshoku o by Maki Hirochi

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