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From 10.30 p.m., Sundays, 11 October 2015 (Episode 1 from 10.00 p.m.)


City Hunter Saeba Ryo undertakes difficult cases and problems in the dark that the police cannot be counted on, and punishes villains. Clients go to the coffee shop ‘Cat’s Eye’ to ask for him and say the password. His partner and also fiancee is Makimura Kaori, and they are on the verge of getting married. One day, a woman famous as a fortune teller comes and tells them that she had seen death in the future of someone whose fate she had divined. The man is Suzuki, a plastic surgeon in Tokyo. Ryo and Kaori agree to protect him. It is Ryo’s style never to refuse a female’s request. On the day that the two of them start to monitor Suzuki, Suzuki meets a woman called Minori at a restaurant. Ryo follows Minori and learns that she has been asked by an organised crime group to seduce Suzuki and attempt to extort 10 million yen in damages just for having meals on several occasions. Ryo tells the fortune teller about Suzuki and Minori, and promises to save Suzuki. The fortune teller says she can see a person’s future by looking into her crystal. When Ryo casually asks if she will divine his this time, Kaori is disturbed. She has been seeing the some dream over and over again. In it, she meets an accident and her own heart is given to someone … … Ryo and Kaori go to meet the organised crime group on behalf of Suzuki. Ryo suggests that they can hit him all they want for 10 minutes. If he does not fall to his knees, they will forget about the 10 million yen. But if he does, he will pay 20 million yen. The members come at him, swinging their fists but he nimbly dodges them. When 10 minutes has passed, they pull out their guns and aim it at Ryo and Kaori. At this moment, that dream comes back to Kaori’s mind. Then Ryo’s old friend Nogami Saeko, the chief of a police precinct, and many policemen rush in. Minori confesses to everything and Suzuki’s case is solved. Kaori asks the fortune teller why she did not tell them that Suzuki was her ex-husband. The woman tells her that she loved him, but saw a future where he would have bad luck because he is with her and she broke up with him. Ryo says she would have been happier had she not known the future. Kaori almost confides her recent dreams to him, but chastises herself for being foolish because she will be together with Ryo always. But several days later, she gets involved in a freak accident when she saves a boy who had jumped onto the road in pursuit of a soccer ball, and loses her life. Ryo is informed of her death at the hospital and stands there in a daze. Then he learns that Kaori had registered to be an organ donor while she was alive. “I’ll be able to continue living on in these people so you’ll be less lonely too,” she wrote in a letter. Ryo can only watch her being transported for organ donation. But after Kaori is declared brain dead, her heart is seized by someone … … One year later, Ryo is still searching for Kaori’s heart. Then one day, an exhausted young girl with a big scar on her chest comes to Cat’s Eye. Sensing her presence, the shop owner Falcon unthinkingly says, “Kaori?” When he makes her favourite coffee, the girl enjoys a mouthful and suddenly comes back to reality. “I don’t know this shop. I don’t think such things!” Thrown off balance, she leaves Cat’s Eye. Ryo rushes over after getting word from Falcon. Liu Xin Hong, a member of a shadowy secret society, shows up. After hand-to-hand combat, Ryo pins Xin Hong down and gets information out from him. The name of the girl who came to the shop is Glass Heart. She was the society’s assassin, but one year ago, she attempted suicide. After that, she had a heart implanted, regained consciousness for the first time in a year and ran away. This heart is definitely Kaori’s. Meanwhile, a confused Glass Heart wanders the streets and cowers inside a drainage tunnel. At that moment, her heart thumps. Ryo who has come in pursuit, appears inside the tunnel … …

Kamikawa Takaya as Saeba Ryo
A professional sweeper who goes by the nickname City Hunter. He seems to be a frivolous person, but he will certainly get rid of the targets he is asked to handle. He loses his beloved partner Makimura Kaori in a freak accident, but makes himself a promise to live on and protect Xiang Ying whom he identifies with Kaori.

Miyoshi Ayaka as Xiang Ying
An assassin of the secrety society ‘Legion’ which controls international crime behind the scenes. Her code name is Glass Heart. Although she is an elite who received special gifted education on assassination from young, the repeated killings eat away at her heart and she attempts suicide by jumping off a building. Valuing her skills, Legion uses Makimura Kaori’s heart to resurrect her, but Ryo rescues her from the organisation. She starts to live as Ryo’s “family” after that.

Aibu Saki as Makimura Kaori
Saeba Ryo’s partner who supports him both in his professional and personal life. But one day, with their wedding coming up soon, she loses her life protecting a child who is about to be run over by a car. Her heart is transplanted in Xiang Ying, and a portion of her memories is also passed down to her.

Miura Shohei as Liu Xin Hong
He was raised from a young age as a member of the assassination squad together with Xiang Ying. However, he grew up without forgetting his human heart.

Brother Tom as Falcon
A blind former mercenary soldier. He is now the manager of the coffee shop ‘Cat’s Eye’.

Takashima Reiko as Nogami Saeko
A detective of Shinjuku Nishi Police Precinct. She has known Saeba Ryo, Makimura Kaori and Falcon from a long time ago.

Ryu Raita as Li Jian Qiang
The chairman of the secret society ‘Legion’.

Takahashi Yuya (Tenshi to Akuma, 35-sai no Koukousei)

Original Work
Angel Heart by Hojo Tsukasa

#1: The Comeback of the Legendary City Hunter! Dead Fiancee’s Heart is Stolen! Mysterious Beautiful Girl’s Appearance is Destiny
#2: What it Means to Live? The Very First Story of City Hunter!
#3: An Important Promise … A Happy Young Girl Taught
#4: Sisters’ Bonds and Testimony of Life! City Hunter Resurrects
#5: Assassination Plan and Choice of Female Spy who has Awakened to Love
#6: The Ending of the Murderer who Lost a Loved One
#7: I’m the One who Killed that Child’s Father
#8: A Captive Xiang Ying
#9: The Shocking Truth! All for the Sake of the Person I Love

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