Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku


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From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 10 October 2015


Kakushidate Yakusuke keeps being suspected of crimes he knows nothing about and has not been able to hold a steady job because he has the worst luck in history. Meanwhile, an SD card containing data on classified material is stolen at a company’s research laboratory where he works. The staff assert their innocence and as the newcomer, suspicion falls on him. Frustrated about being branded the criminal just because he was behaving suspiciously, Yakusuke yells at them to let him call an investigator in order to prove his innocence. Kizunai Horo, the owner of the apartment and cafe ‘Sandglass’ who also runs an investigator intermediary agency, receives this SOS call and sends an investigator. However, the investigator Yakusuke is familiar with has quit and Okitegami Kyoko comes instead. She is a forgetful investigator because her memory will reset every day once she falls asleep, but also the fastest since she makes sure that she solves any case within a day. Yakusuke’s heart is stolen when he first sees Kyoko, but her behaviour is cool and collected. After examining the security for the entrance and the exit of the laboratory, Kyoko determines that no one besides the five staff including Yakusuke went in and out on the day of the incident. Convinced that the SD card is still somewhere in the laboratory, Kyoko starts to question everyone individually. She quickly guesses who the real criminal is and declares to Yakusuke that she will prove his innocence. Yakusuke is touched by her words. But Kyoko suddenly feels sleepy in a short time … … Will she be able to solve the mystery and save Yakusuke before she forgets about the case?

Aragaki Yui as Okitegami Kyoko
The head of Okitegami Investigation Bureau. She is called the “forgetful investigator” because her memory of that day is reset when she sleeps. As a result, her observation of her duty of confidentiality is absolute and she is the fastest investigator who solves any case in one day. She would note down important things that she has to remember on her own body with a magic pen.

Okada Masaki as Kakushidate Yakusuke
A guy who has had bad luck since he was born. He is a coward despite his size and has a kind heart. He always gets involved in incident after incident where he gets suspected by people and has to keep changing jobs and often hire an investigator. He meets Okitegami Kyoko through a case as a client, and develops faint feelings for her. But it is a painful one because he would be forgotten the next day and she would say, “How do you do?”

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Kizunai Horo
The owner of the apartment ‘Sandglass’ where Okitegami Kyoko lives and the head of an investigator intermediary agency. He introduces Kyoko as an investigator to Kakushidate Yakusuke. He is a superficial man and it is difficult to know what is on his mind, but at times he displays an enigmatic side. He seems to know about Kyoko’s past.

Arioka Daiki as Narikawa Nuru
An employee of ‘Sandglass’. A “jack of all trades” to the investigators registered to the investigator intermediary agency, especially for Okitegami Kyoko’s cases, he is called “Everyone’s Nuru-kun”. He is a master at undercover investigations where he changes his character depending on his disguise.

Uchida Rio as Makuma Makuru
An employee of ‘Sandglass’. She helps out with work around the apartment and the cafe. She seems to be a cute girl who serves tea and takes care of the cat, but she actually is good at martial arts and is physically stronger than anybody.

Nogi Akiko (Soratobu Kouhoushitsu, Omo ni Naitemasu)

Original Work
Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku by Nishio Ishin

#1: The White-haired Beautiful Female Investigator I Love … Solves Difficult Cases in One Day Because She Loses Her Memory Once She Falls Asleep
#2: A Love Trap for the Forgetful Investigator … The Murderer of a Swimmer is Kyoko-san’s Boyfriend!?
#3: A Famous 200 million yen Painting was Ripped? The Forgetful Investigator Infiltrates with Black Wig
#4: Forgetful Investigator vs 37 Geniuses, A Risky, Brilliant Deduction … Deduction Stolen While Knocked Out
#5: Forgetful Investigator’s Autumn Scenery Excursion … A Deduction Battle with Rival Detective in Karuizawa
#6: Beautiful Girl Murdered at Prestigious Girls School!? Premonition of Romance for Forgetful Investigator in Sailor Suit
#7: Keep Me Up! Forgetful Investigator’s Secret 5-day Heaven and Hell Living Together
#8: What is the Forgetful Investigator’s True Identity? Mysterious Man who Knows her Past … An Impossible Locked Room Murder
#9: I’ve Come for You … Forgetful Investigator’s Fiance Shows Up … Who Are You?
#10: An Eternal Goodbye Because I Love You … A Tearful Ending to Forgetful Investigator’s Last Love

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