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45-year-old Kamon Hiro works as a librarian because she loves only books and has turned her back on this worthless world. Envied by people from a young age as a result of her ability to do everything to perfection, she came to loathe them due to their alienation. Hiro is worshipped as the “aloof beauty” and “ideal female” for her amiability and the beautiful, gentle smile she always gives. But in her heart, she curses the people around her every day. Hiro maintains a lonely life surrounded by a large number of books in an old apartment. She has been hurt countless times, and Himura Choji, the only guy she loved wholeheartedly in university also suddenly disappeared in one night and their relationship ended. No longer believing in love, she has decided to live alone for life. But one day, Hiro happens to meet Choji again at the library for the first time in 25 years. He is the acting principal of a kindergarten now. The reason why Choji dumped her has been on Hiro’s mind for many years, and contributed significantly to her completely shutting her heart too. When she asks him for the reason, Choji’s confession is something unexpected and she is shocked. Then he declares that he wants to marry her … Hiro ends up acting as a “fake married couple” with Choji, for the sake of his mother, Kanae, who has been given a short time to live because of cancer. Choji himself has a weighty secret, but he is cheerful and his heart spurs him on in all situations. Because of his presence, all sorts of emotions that Hiro has been suppressing until then, start to be set free.

Amami Yuki as Kamon Hiro
A librarian. Attractive and smart, she can perform everything perfectly. But when she puts her whole heart into something, she would end up hurting people and regretting it. Her parents died when she was a child and she was adopted by her maternal aunt’s family, but grew up without knowing love. Betrayed by Himura Choji whom she loved in her undergraduate days, she develops a general disdain for adults.

Sawamura Ikki as Himura Choji
The acting principal of a kindergarten. He is kind and able to quickly make friends with anyone because he is sociable. However, he also has a noncommittal, irresponsible side. He dated Kamon Hiro in university, but suddenly disappeared one day. 25 years later, he is reunited with Hiro by coincidence and proposes a sham marriage to her after his mother is given three months to live.

Uchida Yuki as Mizumori Shiori
A single mother who works as a hospital receptionist while raising her daughter, Yu. She suffered domestic violence at the hands of her husband and this has caused her to limp. She sends Yu to the kindergarten where Himura Choji works and meets Kamon Hiro there. Yu gets influenced by Hiro and develops a love for books.

Sakai Maki as Nanami Yaeko
Goda Teruno’s daughter. A housewife. She continues to be tormented by feelings of inferiority to her cousin Kamon Hiro, which she has had since childhood. She overemphasises happiness with family but … …

Sato Jiro as Goda Tenjin
Goda Teruno’s son. A struggling magician. He is a man of few words and awkward at expressing emotions. His feelings for Kamon Hiro are more than a cousin’s … …

Tanaka Yoji as Sudo Riichi
The chief librarian. His wife passed away three years ago and he dreams of marrying Kamon Hiro.

Kimura Midoriko as Goda Teruno
Kamon Hiro’s aunt and foster mother. The younger sister of Hiro’s late mother. She loathes her biological son and daughter being dependent on her at their age because she is wealthy. She always has sharp words for Hiro, but … …

Fuji Sumiko as Himura Kanae
Himura Choji’s mother. She runs a hair salon in Toyama, and brought up Choji single-handedly after her husband passed away. Choji inherited his affability from her. Given three months to live, her only regret is her son and she worries about his marriage.

Yukawa Kazuhiko (Marumaru Tsuma, Kaseifu Mita)

#1: A Misanthropic Woman Marries a Gay?
#2: The Real Reason for Accepting the Confession and Becoming a Bride …
#3: Marriage Certificate to Wedding Reception! … Unhonourable Battle with Mother-in-law and Husband’s Unrequited Feelings
#4: No Longer Good Friends! Wife Finally Raises Angry Fists at Fake Husband!
#5: The Secret between the Two is Revealed! A Nightmarish Love Quadrangle Party
#6: My Husband Stays Out All Night for First Time, Will You Hug Me Tonight?
#7: Decisive Divorce Papers … I’ve Loved so I Can’t be Your Wife Any Longer
#8: An Astonishing Reunion! A Completely Changed Husband to Wife …
#9: The Promise One Year Later? Who’s the New Partner?
#10: The Miracle of Meeting My Lifetime Partner

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