BS Imagica Drama Special 2015 ~ Itsumo Majika ni


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 1 October 2015
Scriptwriter: Kudo Yuko
Cast: Tsukayama Masane, Matsukane Yoneko, Aoi Wakana, Fukushi Sota, Asami Reina, Nakamura Aya, Nikaido Satoshi, Genda Tesshou, Nagai Risa, Osugi Ren (guest star)
Synopsis: Hayase Sotaro (Tsukayama Masane) runs a small eatery ‘Kitchen Hayase’ with his wife Kozue (Matsukane Yoneko) in a town. They shut themselves away in the kitchen and work every single day. But this routine comes to an abrupt end due to Kozue’s illness. Their son Takashi (Nikaido Satoshi) scolds Sotaro for constantly making Kozue work and bluntly tells him to close the eatery. Sotaro continues on his own as if resisting Takashi’s words. However, the void left by Kozue is bigger than expected. He is also admonished by Takashi’s wife Sakiko (Nakamura Aya) and reluctantly takes a break. The next day, Sotaro finds a note on the household altar. It is a movie list handwritten by his wife. Kozue tells him to watch those movies and share his thoughts. He has no choice but to start watching the movie DVDs when his granddaughter Ayaka (Aoi Wakana) points out, “You’re free, aren’t you?” Sotaro tells Kozue his feelings about a movie and allows himself to be provoked by her into undergoing intensive training to ride a bicycle which he has never done before. With Ayaka’s help, Sotaro starts travelling on the streets with the bicycle. The scenery is fresh to Sotaro who had at some point forgotten what it looked like after being confined in the kitchen for a long time. As he watches one movie after another in Kozue’s list, he is gradually drawn to the charm of movies. Bringing about changes in her husband through movies is the last tactic of Kozue who realises that she does not have long to live. She is happy to see him come alive little by little, but illness ravages her body … … The small changes in Sotaro slowly begin to have an impact on the people around him too. Inspired by her grandfather, Ayaka tries to take the first step to tell her father about her dream for the future. Nanako (Asami Reina), who shares the same hospital room as Kozue and has seen the love between the old couple, starts to reconsider her life which she has devoted to work all this while. Kozue wanted to convey something to Sotaro through the movies with what little time she has left. After he finishes watching all of them, some emotion wells up in his chest. When Sotaro tells Kozue about this emotion, a small miracle happens.
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