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In April 1997, Yamaichi Securities’ Executive Managing Director Kajii Tatsuhiko becomes the general manager of the Business Supervision Department. Although the department conducts internal audits, it occupies a separate building from the headquarters, and is called the “outskirts” where demoted employees are relegated to. Then, on the first day of Kajii’s move, the Finance Ministry’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) comes in to investigate. There has been an upheaval in the financial industry over payoffs to corporate racketeers at this time. Kajii instructs his subordinates and secretary on an internal inspection. Meanwhile, Takimoto Toshio and Yoshioka Joe of the Audit Division find documents which show the relationship with a corporate racketeer in question. On the other hand, the chairman, Arihara Taizo, and others wear relaxed expressions in response to the SESC’s investigation, but only deputy president Katase Hirofumi, who is the internal control supervisory manager, looks uneasy. Kajii as well as his peer, Hayashi Yukihiro, harbour suspicions that the top management maybe hiding something. In November, Yamaichi Securities, one of Japan’s four largest brokerages, announces that it will voluntarily close down. This is due to approximately 260 billion yen in undisclosed debts. When and how did 260 billion yen of losses off the balance sheet come about, and how was it kept hidden? Yamaichi Securities is too big and without financial strength as well as bank support, the Finance Ministry has deemed that it will not file for bankruptcy protection, but seek the brokerage’s “voluntary closure” instead. While even the board of directors are bailing out of the sunken ship, there are employees who stay on in the company until the end and continue to seek the truth as well as pay off customers, inspired by their sense of mission. These people are the “rearguard”.

Eguchi Yosuke as Kajii Tatsuhiko
An executive managing director of Yamaichi Securities. He graduated from high school and joined the company. In the spring of 1997, he took the position as general manager of the Business Supervision Department. He has a strong sense of justice, and because his character will not allow something unreasonable, he even clashes with his superiors sometimes. He is a compassionate man with an old-fashioned way of thinking and stands by his colleagues.

Hagiwara Masato as Takimoto Toshio
The assistant manager of Yamaichi Securities Business Supervision Department’s Audit Division. He was on the elite track, but after three years of working at Yamaichi International, he was transferred to the business supervision department. He discovered an illegal share transfer in Singapore in 1996.

Hayashi Kento as Yoshioka Jo
An employee of the Business Supervision Department’s Audit Division at Yamaichi Securities. After he joined the company, he did sales but caused trouble and was transferred. He is the youngest in the department and is skilled at using computers.

Matobu Sei as Gamo Yoriko
The secretary of the Yamaichi Securities’ Business Supervision Department, and “big sister” who watches over the men of the rear. She speaks with determination and has a refreshing personality. She understands Kajii Tatsuhiko’s feelings more than anyone else.

Katsumura Masanobu as Hayashi Yukihiro
The general manager of the Sales Group Headquarters’ West Tokyo Area Sales at Yamaichi Securities. After graduating from high school, he went into the Retail Department. He joined the company at the same time as Kajii Tatsuhiko. and became a company director in the spring personnel reshuffle.

Sato Bsaku as Hanase Shuntaro
The manager of the Business Supervision Department’s Sales Assessment Division at Yamaichi Securities. He is an open person who is there for people and does not discriminate. He served as the second manager of the Client Relations Office and then moved to his present department.

Yajima Kenichi as Nakanishi Mikio
An employee of the Business Supervision Department’s Sales Assessment Division at Yamaichi Securities. He serves as the director on the internal inquiry commission. He is serious, businesslike and taciturn. The concealed documents are uncovered through an impulsive staff of the department and helps the preparation of the report.

Tanaka Ken as Imoto Kohei
The company president of Yamaichi Securities. He has always been on the elite track and took the position of company president in June 1992. He is no match for the chairman, Arihara Taizo.

Hirata Mitsuru as Nomi Itsuro
The new company president of Yamaichi Securities. He is the one who tearfully announces the voluntary closure of Yamaichi Securities at a press conference three months into his post.

Mitsuishi Ken as Katase Hirofumi
Managing Director and Deputy President of Yamaichi Securities. He controls the Business Supervision Department as the Internal Control Supervisory Manager.

Sano Shiro as Taniguchi Yoshio
The company president of Yamaichi Finance, an affiliate of Yamaichi Securities. He was a direct subordinate of Yamaichi Finance’s previous chairman Arihara Taizo and previous president Imoto Kohei. He is in the management of the Enterprise Department.

Kishibe Ittoku as Arihara Taizo
The 70-year-old chairman of Yamaichi Securities. He was the company president in August 1988, and became the chairman in 1992. Yamaichi Securities’s most powerful person. He has an overwhelming presence and has been holding sway at the top even as he let undisclosed debts which would eventually cause the company’s downfall to go unchecked.

Todayama Masashi (Aibou Series)

Original Work
Shingari Yamaichi Shoken Saigo no 12-nin by Kiyotake Hidetoshi



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