NTV Drama Special 2015 ~ Jishaku Otoko

Jishaku Otoko 2015

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 18 September 2015
Scriptwriter: Kashida Seigo (Shichou wa Mukudono, Ousama no Ie, Okusama wa 18-sai)
Cast: Mukai Osamu, Aibu Saki, Aoyagi Sho, Matsuoka Mayu, Kiriyama Ren, Ito Mamiko, Ryo, Toda Masahiro, Kuroda Daisuke, Isoyama Sayaka, Zawachin, Suzuki Akinofu, ACHOU, Miyake Hiroki, Kaname Jun, Sano Shiro, Baisho Mitsuko
Synopsis: Called the “magnet man”, Oba Sousuke (Mukai Osamu) possesses a superhuman ability to see through people’s lifestyles, personalities, upbringing as well as jobs at a glance, and find perfect matches. Females gather at the farm he runs at the foot of Mt Yatsugatake in Nagano Prefecture every day, yearning to get married. But he would cut them down with the words, “You’re a disappointment”. On the other hand, in Tokyo, Kohinata Shion (Aibu Saki), who heads the Matchmaking Department at an event company which Himuro Kotaro (Kaname Jun) runs, clashes with Sousuke, but changes her mind about a marriage with conditions because of his words. “Magnet man” matchmaking events labelled “Magnet Man Coupling” are supposed to continue at the event company, but Sousuke’s priority is farming so he cancels at the last minute. Naturally, their reputation hits rock bottom. Shion is at the end of her rope, and the Matchmaking Department ends up becoming a complete burden. Even Kitajima Ayumi (Matsuoka Mayu), a young staff of the Accounting Department, makes sarcastic remarks about her. One day, a young man Saeko Wataru (Kiriyama Ren) is headhunted by Himuro to save the Matchmaking Department from its plight by tapping on the knowledge from the successes he achieved in dating social networking services in America. Ayumi swiftly latches onto Wataru who is her “Mr Right”. Meanwhile, Shion is overwhelmed by Wataru’s frequent physical contact and flattery. Wataru, who has a keen business sense, takes a great interest in the Magnet Man. He quickly proposes creating a vegetable restaurant where matchmaking events can also be held and succeeds in calling Sousuke to Tokyo. An awkward Sousuke who has been taught by childhood friend Shindo (Aoyagi Sho) to neither say “like” nor to kiss, slams his hand on the wall in front of Shion and she wonders, “Are we a couple?” The two of them who are in a delicate relationship, start living together in her apartment when Sousuke comes to Tokyo prepare for the store opening. Then Shion’s grandmother Yuri (Baisho Mitsuko) moves in with her and she begins to meddle in everything by trying to play their matchmaker. Meanwhile, a very complicated woman appears. Although she is popular on first impression, she does not last with anyone. The 38-year-old career woman, Oshima Mariko (Ryo), participates in Shion’s matchmaking event, but complains about not being a couple with someone. She is actually a famous person who joins numerous dating agencies and matchmaking parties in order to meet the person of her destiny, and makes complaints about the organiser once things do not go well. Sousuke cuts a haughty Mariko down with the words, “You’re a disappointment.” In fact, he even identifies the reason why Mariko ended up becoming such a “heavy woman”. Will Sousuke and Shion untangle the idiosyncratic Mariko’s complications and be able to lead her to happiness?
Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/jishaku2015

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