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10-year-old Fukami Noa loves big cars because of the influence of her father, Shiro, the third generation owner of Fukami Motors, a car repair shop. One day, he suddenly takes his own life. Katsuragi Ippei, her father’s acquaintance who is a former detective, tells her that he did so to assume responsibility for the disappearance of 300 million yen in corporate pensions that had been with him. Kuwata Renji, the company president of a management consultancy, is the mastermind. Vowing to seek revenge on Kuwata, Noa hits difficult management books to build up her knowledge, and takes the position of company president. She announces to her employees that she will recover the 300 million yen that was stolen and turnaround the business. Mobilising the special skills of Katsuragi’s elderly friends – former trading company employee, Kuramochi Eisaku, locksmith Kashima Tokichi, electrical engineer Midorikawa Daimaru, and former actress Miwa Nagisa – Noa ventures into a confrontation with Kuwata … …

Ashida Mana as Fukami Noa
The only daughter of Fukami Shiro, the third company president of Fukami Motors, a car repair shop. She loves cars. Her father’s sudden suicide shocks her and she is burdened with the responsibility of 300 million yen in missing corporate pensions, which he left to her. She devises a plan to recover the pensions taken away by deception with her powers of concentration and memory as well as the knowledge she has built up through reading difficult books.

Iwaki Kouchi as Katsuragi Ippei
A former detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division. Saddled with the blame in a case he was pursuing 15 years ago, he spent seven years in jail before his release. He is harsh with words and detests dishonesty. Although he hates kids, he meets Fukami Noa and makes the decision to use his detective skills and intuition and do what he can for Noa.

Ishida Ayumi as Miwa Nagisa
A former actress. She captivated men of the world with her acting skills and exceptional beauty, but surprised everyone by her sudden retirement from the entertainment industry. After that, she runs a bar. She has gone through numerous patrons who make advances at her, but she meets Fukami Noa because of her enduring though troubled relationship with Katsuragi Ippei, and becomes a member of the plan to recover the pensions.

Maeda Gin as Kuramochi Eisaku
A former manager of a large trading company’s material procurement division. He is now the internal auditor of Fukami Motors. A procurement professional who has the reputation as someone able to obtain the unattainable in this world if he handles it. He has many connections in various fields at home and abroad, and masterfully wields these skills in the scheme to take back the pensions.

Kurosawa Toshio as Kashima Tokichi
A locksmith and an expert concerning keys. He repairs the locks of houses and cars. Although he has been leading a pleasure-seeking life of alcohol, women and gambling, he becomes a member of Fukami Noa’s plan to regain the pensions because for the sake of repaying the woman he loves wholeheartedly.

Ono Takehiko as Midorikawa Daimaru
An electrician. He is an expert in electrical systems and communications technologies. When he was young, he was engrossed in his amateur radio hobby of monitoring the police scanner. He now runs a small amateur radio shop in Akihabara. He plays a part in Fukami Noa’s scheme for a living with his wife who is suffering from illness.

Okamoto Kenichi as Kuwata Renji
The company president of the investment advisory firm, Best Advisers, and the perpetrator of the missing corporate pensions case. An astute man with knowledge about finance and law. He is a perfectionist who proudly believes he is the reincarnation of Kennedy.

Takahashi Yuya (Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo N, 35-sai no Koukousei, Perfect Blue)

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