TV Asahi Drama Special 2015 ~ Tsuma to Tonda Tokkouhei


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 16 August 2015
Scriptwriter: Okamoto Takaya (Ginnikan)
Original Work: Tsuma to Tonda Tokkouhei 19 August Manshuu Saigo no Tokkou by Toyoda Masayoshi
Genre: War
Cast: Narimiya Hiroki, Horikita Maki, Sugimoto Tetta, Yashima Norito, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Horii Arata, Konishi Manami, Miura Ryosuke, Taketomi Seika, Hada Michiko, Takashima Reiko, Kunimura Jun
Synopsis: In June 1945 (Showa 20), Yamauchi Fusako (Horikita Maki) goes alone to Manchuria where her husband, Setsuo (Narimiya Hiroki), a second lieutenant of the Kwantung Army, is based. At that time, 200,000 Japanese had settled in Manchuria, a Japanese occupied territory, as settler communities. Fujita Hideo’s (Kunimura Jun) family worked hard to clear the wilderness, but the Soviets are lying in wait for an invasion of Manchuria from the North. Fusako is safely reunited with her husband at the headquarters of the Kwantung Army’s Fifth Training Squadron in Manchuria’s Dahushan. Setsuo also takes good care of his beloved wife, but his position is an instructor to the young soldiers who will eventually carry out suicide attacks. He wonders if he should have summoned her and speaks of these mixed feelings to his commanding officer, Michiba Kazuo (Sugimoto Tetta), a first lieutenant. Michiba is concerned about Setsuo’s attempts to cherish his wife before the coming showdown on homeland. Fusako learns about life in Manchuria from Michiba’s wife, Etsu (Hada Michiko). In comparison to the interior, it not only had abundant food such as vegetables and rice, but also no air raids. Fusako’s welcome party and a celebratory party for an engaged couple, Setsuo’s colleague, Yuasa Tetsuo (Horii Arata), and Inoue Hana (Taketomi Seika), is held at night. Nishimura Tsuyoshi (Yashima Norito), Koguma Isamu (Arakawa Yoshiyoshi), Kinoshita Tatsuo (Miura Ryosuke) and other instructors drink together and the young soldiers simply stuff themselves with the food of Fusako and others. Fusako is happy to live together with Setsuo for the first time since they married that she seemingly forgets about the war. However, the village near the border where Fujita’s settler community lives, is finally invaded by the Soviet Army. They have to abandon the fields that they had struggled to cultivate and seek refuge in Dahushan. Then, the Kwantung Army also gives orders for sorties at last. Fusako’s peaceful days are about to quickly collapse … …
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