Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan ~ Hangeki no Noroshi

Hangeki no Noroshi

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From 15 August 2015, Saturdays


The last remnants of humanity were forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a fortified city to escape the massive, man-eating Titans that roamed the land outside their fortress. But one day, the walls were breached. 10 months after the attack of the Titans, troops assembled to fight the Titans have been training daily. The people earnestly wish for the walls which were destroyed by the Titans to be repaired. In order to do this, the government has been covering the research expenses for the development of weapons against the Titans with precious tax money. Hange, the weapons leader, spends her time on independent Titan research for the purpose of finding the vulnerabilities of the Titans, which are many times bigger than humans. Many of the troops have lost their homes and families because of the emergence of the Titans. They vow to have a heroic counterattack on the Titans … …

Episode 1: Start of the Counterattack
Soldiers are engaged in training and developing weapons for the fight against the Titans. One day, Izuru is sent from the Public Security Command Bureau and meets Hange who has been researching the ecosystem of the Titans. She is secretly advancing studies on the Titans in her own research lab. Developing an interest in Hange, Izuru infiltrates the lab and learns that a Titan which was successfully captured, is sequestered in there.

Episode 2: Bow and Arrow of Hope
Sasha, who is good with bow and arrows had been hunting and living with her people, but is forced from her village because of the Titans’ attack. As a result of the attack, she becomes a new personnel and diligently trains every day. One night, an incident happens with the discovery of a suspicious-looking youth.

Episode 3: Journey to Freedom
Fukushi and Lil are particularly outstanding among the new personnel. Lil’s parents were eaten by the Titans and she has been training every day so that she will be the strongest, in preparation for the inevitable fight against the Titans. Fukushi is attracted to Lil and secretly likes her. One day, the two of them who each have feelings, mingle and a bruising battle starts to develop.

* Ishihara Satomi as Hange
* Sakuraba Nanami as Sasha
* Watanabe Shu as Fukushi
* Takeda Rina as Lil
* Misaki Ayame as Hiana
* Hiraoka Yuta as Izuru
* Kamio Yu as Yunohira

Watanabe Yusuke (ST ~ Aka to Shiro Sousa File, Toshi Densetsu no Onna Season 2, Teen Court)

Original Work
Shingeki no Kyojin by Isayama Hajime

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