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32-year-old Yamaguchi Rika works for a record company. She has the worst birthday of her life when she is invited to a meal and cheated of her money by her useless ex-boyfriend, Suzuki Masao. When she returns home from his apartment filled with regret, an outlandish older woman dressed in a leopard print dress suddenly appears in front of her with white smoke. This older woman identifies herself as Rika from 20 years into the future. She laments her untimely death, which was caused by losing her footing on a beer bottle at a pub. She has come from the future in order to make a fresh start in life and insists that Rika stop associating with Masao. At first, Rika does not believe her. But when Rika from the future correctly guesses the things to come and announces that she will die like this at age of 52 at the pub she is supposed to run in the future, Rika is shaken. Together with her future self with a despairingly different style and appearance, Rika begins a big battle to start life over again.

Katase Nana as Yamaguchi Rika
A single woman who works for a record company. She transferred to her favourite Production Department and it is her dream to groom artists. In her private life, she has been unable to cut ties with her useless ex-boyfriend, Suzuki Masao, and still gives him money. She likes fortune-telling. She is the type of person who tends to get swayed by people’s words.

Watanabe Eri as Yamaguchi Rika (future)
Yamaguchi Rika 20 years later. She ended her lonely existence at the young age of 52 because she stumbled on a beer bottle. She comes to Rika from the future in order to advice Rika not to choose the wrong life and die with regrets. She starts to re-examine Rika’s life together with her.

Fuchikami Yasushi as Suzuki Masao
Yamaguchi Rika’s ex-boyfriend. He was cohabiting with Rika until one year ago and was financially dependent on her. He cannot hold a job for long and tells has been making her advance money to him by telling her, “This is my last chance.” He appears to be attending a school for bartenders and gets close to her.

Tokushige Satoshi as Koyachi Yoshimune
Yamaguchi Rika’s senior and a hotshot music producer who has come back from the US branch office. A young man from a well-to-do family. He takes advantage of his wealth of contacts and grooms various big artists. He shoves a hardworking Rika with impossible odd jobs, but also has expectations of her … …?

Goda Masashi as Ota Kazuyuki
A divorced songwriter. Like Yamaguchi Rika, he has been interested in the group ‘Sugar Girls’ since the time they were street performers, and they hit it off. He likes Rika who is cheerful and passionate about her work.

Haba Yuichi as Kamimura Shinji
Yamaguchi Rika’s boss. The head of the Production Department. He is good-natured and has faith in Rika who performs odd jobs well.

Ichikawa Yui as Takeuchi Akiko
A bank employee. One of Yamaguchi Rika’s two good friends from high school. She is considering marriage to her boyfriend of five months.

Asami Reina as Kikuta Hiromi
An employee for an apparel company. Yamaguchi Rika, Takeuchi Akiko and her are a trio of good friends. She is the type who will speak her mind about things.

Kaneda Akio as Yamaguchi Yuji
Yamaguchi Rika’s father who is stubborn as a mule. A plasterer. He is very strict with Rika. Although he has always been feared, he is now preoccupied with grandchildren.

Tanaka Hiromi
Tsubota Fumi (Kuro no Onna Kyoushi)

Original Work
Onna Michi by Kitazawa Bambi

#1: The Future Me is an Old Osaka Lady?
#2: Still 32? Already 32!
#3: Scandal is a Woman’s Medal of Distinction
#4: Don’t be Fooled by Handsome Men!?
#5: A Horrendous Family Vacation
#6: Life’s Complicated Path
#7: Lonely Me
#8: This is My Way to Happiness!

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