Busu to Yaju


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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 1 August 2015

Fuji TV

Nakata Kenta, a second-year student of Meiou University, is called “ugly” because of his lamentable looks. The ace of the university’s debate club, Kenta’s goal is not to win the national university debate championship, but to date an exquisite beauty. Like Kenta, fellow second-year student and captain of the university’s wrestling club, Shinohara Sachie, is called “beast” because of her lamentable looks. What Sachie wants the most is neither a gold medal nor a break, but an extraordinarily handsome boyfriend. Both of them have never had a significant other before. What they have in common is that they both go for attractive people while being blind to their own looks. One day, Kenta and Sachie happen to lay hands on the same book at the library at the same time. One look at the other’s face and each loses any thought of making a concession. They start to argue about who should borrow the book. Going by logic, Kenta claims he was first and Sachie tells him that they will decide the matter with a game of scissors, paper, stone. The matter gets nowhere. The two of them eventually leave the library and go their own way. That is when they each have fateful encounters. Kenta collides with Sachie’s friend, the exquisitely beautiful Kamijo Azusa and Sachie bumps into Kenta’s friend, the extraordinarily handsome Kitahara Sosuke. Naturally, Kenta and Sachie fall in love at first sight with each other’s good friend. They team up to develop strategies from the encounter to becoming the significant other of Azusa and Sosuke, and put these into practice … … It is a hard fight for them with numerous blunders. Will their hopeless romance come true? 

Yamoto Yuma as Nakata Kenta
A second-year student of Meiou University. The ace of the debate club. He is called “ugly” because of his looks. His motto is, “The pen is mightier than the sword. Debate will save the world.” He has never had a girlfriend. The type he likes is beautiful girls. Definitely beautiful girls!

Yui P as Shinohara Sachie
A second-year student of Meiou University. The captain of the wrestling club. She is called “beast” because of her looks. Her motto is, “I’ll get hold of what I want by force.” She has never had a boyfriend. The type she likes is handsome guys. Definitely handsome guys!

Aizawa Rina as Kamijo Azusa
A second-year student of Meiou University. Shinohara Sachie’s good friend. The manager of the wrestling club. She is gifted with intelligence and beauty, and the university idol.

Narita Ryo as Kitahara Sosuke
A second-year student of Meiou University. Nakata Kenta’s good friend. A handsome guy who excels both in academics and sports. He belongs to both the debate and basketball clubs.

Sakamoto Emi
Murai Masaya

#1: The Worst Kind of Love at First Sight
#2: Just a Single Word of Courage
#3: A Snap Decision of Love
#4: Please Love Me Too
#5: Never Give Up
#6: My Chest Stings
#7: A Night with Just the Two of Us
#8: The Best Ending!?

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