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In 1861, in the last years of the Tokugawa Shogunate, 19-year-old Onodera Ichiro, who was born and raised in an Edo residence, is hastily summoned to return to West Mino and enters his hometown for the first time. His father, the chief attendant of feudal lord processions, had suddenly died in an accidental fire. The Makisakas of West Mino are vassals of the shogun with 7,500 koku as well as a distinguished family that has the status of a feudal lord. The role of the chief attendant is to manage the entire journey from the preparation of the procession of the feudal lord to his alternate residence. Fire caused by negligence is actually a grave offense that would result in confiscation of their stipend, but Ichiro is ordered to be the chief attendant by the head of the Makisaka family, Makisaka Sakyonodaibu, and Sakyonodaibu’s uncle, Makisaka Shogen, because of the impending departure of the procession. However, he has never heard about the role from his father and feels at a loss. If he should fail, there is a possibility that this could be the end of the family line. Then a monk, Kuchou, appears before Ichiro and hands over the ancestral records of the processions that Ichiro’s father had risked his life to protect. The departure is a few days later. Assailed from all sides and with no one he can turn to, Ichiro decides to rely on the ancestral records and heads for Edo. This is a battle to him. But in fact, the procession this time is a plot to bring down the feudal lord in an attempt to usurp the family.

Nagayama Kento as Onodera Ichiro
Born and raised in Edo, he had been learning martial arts and knowledge. But he ends up being thrust into the role of the chief attendant of feudal lord processions because of the sudden death of his father.

Watanabe Dai as Makisaka Sakyonodaibu
The feudal lord of the Makisakas of West Mino’s Tanabu dstrict and a vassal of the shogun. He loves theatrical performances and is rumoured to be a fool. He has a deep love for his wife, Suzu.

Mimura as Suzu
Makisaka Sakyonodaibu’s legal wife. She lives in an Edo mansion with their son, Ichitaro. She wishes that Sakyonodaibu will arrive in Edo safely.

Kajihara Zen as Onodera Sojiro
The younger brother of Onodera Ichiro’s father and a vassal of the Makisakas. An uncle to Ichiro, he has extensive experience in feudal lord processions. He loves alcohol and women.

Sano Shiro as Makisaka Shogen
He should have inherited the reigns of the family as the Makisakas adopted child. However, he was disinherited following Makisaka Sakyonodaibu’s birth and ends up supporting Sakyonodaibu as his guardian.

Ishiguro Ken as Kokubu Shichizaemon
The accountant of the Makisakas. He was close to Ichiro’s late father, Yakuro. He locks horns with Makisaka Shogen over the family’s issues.

Matsuura Miyabi as Kaoru
Kokubu Shichizaemon’s daughter and Onodera Ichiro’s fiancee. She supports the family in place of her late mother.

Watanabe Mutsuki (Challenged Series, Genya)

Original Work
Ichiro by Asada Jiro

#1: Feudal Lord Procession becomes War
#2: Departing Now
#3: The First Ordeal
#4: A Princess’ Love
#5: Tears of Wada Pass
#6: Two People’s Feudal Lord
#7: The Invisible Adversary
#8: Hatred and Sorrow
#9: A Battle for Tomorrow

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