Aru Hi, Ahiru Bus


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From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 5 July 2015

NHK BS Premium

40-year-old Asakura Hazuki has been working for a big publishing company for 15 years and is the editor of the female fashion magazine ‘Us’. However, the magazine is discontinued. Hazuki’s contract with the publishing company is not renewed and she ends up losing her job. To make matters worse, she also breaks up with Namiki Kosuke, her boyfriend of seven years, and is pressed for the loan on designer goods which she bought on a spree. At 40, Hazuki has great anxieties about life and is on the verge of losing everything. One day, she boards a parked city sightseeing bus, Ahiru Bus, in an attempt to avoid Kosuke whom she unexpectedly met on the street. Hazuki has no intention to do sightseeing, but gradually starts to enjoy the bus tour with the eloquence of the bus guide, Toda Natsumi. She gets scouted to be a bus guide in a strange turn of events, and is plunged into the completely foreign world of female bus guides. Hazuki starts to grapple with romance and work in an effort to turn her life around as she journeys around a rapidly changing Tokyo.

Fujiwara Norika as Asakura Hazuki
An editor for the big publishing company, Namikawa Shoten. Both work and love were supposed to have been going smoothly for her, but she loses everything at the age of 40 and somehow starts working as a rookie bus guide for Ahiru Bus. Because she vies with young kids who joined the company at the same time as her every day, she totally feels exhausted and muscle aches. However, she draws on her life experiences to show hospitality.

Triendl Reina as Sawada Kiko
A senior bus guide who mentors Asakura Hazuki and the other newcomers. Although she rarely socialises with colleagues and is curt, her skills as a guide are top rate. Her only friend is the tortoise that she rears in a fish tank. Thanks to the meddlesome Hazuki, she ends up facing up to her father whom she is not on good terms with, but … …

Kimura Midoriko as Toda Natsumi
Ahiru Bus’ longest serving employee whom the company president, Kamoda Hirotoshi, also respects. Feared as the monster instructor, she pins her hopes on Asakura Hazuki whom she has scouted. She is a bus guide who brims with the spirit of entertaining customers. Even Hazuki secretly respects her. She is good at imitating the singer, Shimakura Chiyoko. A single mother raising a son who is a junior high school student.

Hakamada Yoshihiko as Odagiri Jiro
He is an excellent driver, but in his personal life, he is a useless guy whose wife ran away? He is concerned about Asakura Hazuki and helps her in various ways, but she dos not take any interest in him. However, he also appears to be a reliable man and gradually starts to have good moments with her.

Nakamura Tomoya as Noguchi Yuki
The head of Ahiru Bus’ Planning Division. He always has the thankless role of being caught between the company and the bus guides. He likes Sawada Kiko and would like to speak to her.

Kataoka Ainosuke as Kamoda Hirotoshi
The company president of Ahiru Bus. He inherited the business from his wealthy parents and loves Ahiru Bus greatly. Although he is a mild-mannered person of character, a part of him is indecisive and his flaw is that he is too trusting. This personality would later get Ahiru Bus into big trouble … …

Yamashita Kenjiro as Namiki Kosuke
An editor at Namikawa Shoten, the publishing company that Asakura Hazuki had been working at before she lost her job. He proposed to her, but an offhand remark on that occasion hurt her and led to their breakup. Although he has feelings for Hazuki, he is unexpectedly in love with the gentle Hira Nagisa, his colleague who joined the company in the same year … …

Aoyama Noriko as Hira Nagisa
Namiki Kosuke’s fellow editor. She takes advantage of Asakura Hazuki’s departure to make advances towards Kosuke whom she likes. However, when she learns that Kosuke cannot get Hazuki out of his mind, she plots to win him over with an even bolder method.

Yamamuro Yukiko, Yokota Rie (Soko o Nantoka Series, Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai)
Kanome Keiko

Original Work
Aru Hi, Ahiru Bus by Yamamoto Yukihisa

#1: A Woman at a Critical Juncture
#2: A Guide is an Idol?
#3: Love Stripper
#4: A Father and Daughter’s Tokyo Date
#5: Run! Matchmaking Bus
#6: Love is a Dropkick
#7: Farewell to Eternal Employment
#8: Ahiru Bus will Go On Forever!

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