Akagi Season 1


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From 9.00 p.m., Fridays, 17 July 2015

BS Sky Perfect

There used to be a guy called the mahjong player of legend. His name is Akagi Shigeru. A young, white-haired mahjong genius. He demonstrated this remarkable talent in the first mahjong game he played by defeating the yakuza’s representative player. Even after that, he kept on winning against formidable opponents and shook up the underworld. He became a legend at a young age. One summer in 1965, Akagi ends up facing off against Washizu Iwao, Japan’s King of Darkness who has amassed enormous fortune and power, at the request of his acquaintance, the rogue detective Yasuoka. As the observer, Ogi Takeshi, Inada-gumi’s second-in-command watches over them, mahjong with special rules called Washizu Mahjong begins. It is a life or death struggle with Akagi’s fresh blood and Washizu’s entire fortune at stake.

Hongo Kanata as Akagi Shigeru
When he was 13 years old, he defeated the yakuza’s representative player in the first mahjong he played. After that he shook up the underworld and became a legendary mahjong player at a young age.

Tsugawa Masahiko as Washizu Iwao
A former police bureaucrat. He is Japan’s King of Darkness who has amassed enormous fortune and power. He has killed a number of young people so far with the mahjong rules he devised.

Tanaka Yoji as Ogi Takeshi
The Inada-gumi’s second-in-command. He gets lured in by the detective, Yasuoka, and uses Akagi Shigeru to challenge Washizu Iwao.

Jinbo Satoshi as Yasuoka
A rogue police inspector who is charmed by Akagi Shigeru’s mahjong skills and manages him.

Tanabe Mitsuru (Henshin, Jui-san Jiken desuyo)

Original Work
Akagi ~ Yami ni Oritatta Tensai by Fukumoto Nobuyuki

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