Napoleon no Mura CM

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2 Responses to Napoleon no Mura CM

  1. jedmed says:

    The video file is not showing. I believe that there were comments recently made about this issue. As I have been posting video files in my blog too, I have been advised by a web developer-friend that video files (.flv) would be the best. There are other video files like .mkv and .mp4 but, they will not be shown properly since most browsers will accept .flv due to being a macromedia/adobe file type which is designed for the web and can be viewed by adobe flash player. There are online converters of video clips to .flv. It will take some time but your viewers will appreciate watching the video instead of seeing a blank page.

    • jadefrost says:

      Unfortunately I do not have these video files and control over the video formats. These videos come from Chinese users and play with Flash. Viewing seems to be dependent on the browser type.

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