Keiji 7-nin Season 1


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From 9.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 15 July 2015

TV Asahi

An explosion occurs on a yacht at the marina and the dead body of the former Finance Minister’s son, Ejiri Takayuki, is discovered. Samura Kosuke and the other members of the Twelfth Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division receive this report and are mobilised. An unfamiliar man shows up there. The explosion had happened just at the time the sun was about to rise. The man makes the point that even though the yacht had been headed straight in the direction of the sun, there was no sunglasses at the scene. He is Amagi Yu, a detective new to his post with the Twelfth Section. The Twelfth Section is called the “graveyard of detectives” and ridiculed as the “banishment room where hardened detectives who cannot be fired are sent”. Its assembled detectives Samura Kosuke, Yamashita Takumi, Nagasawa Keita, Mizutani Tamaki and Katagiri Masatoshi are elite and yet have slightly difficult personalities. The results of an autopsy performed by forensic professor Domoto Shuntaro determines that Eijiri was strangled the night before the explosion. Meanwhile, Amagi is for some reason fixated on a courier service’s ‘not at home’ delivery slip that he found when he visited Eijiri’s apartment. After going from one place to the next, an important fact that will solve the case is finally comes into sight. But just when there is a new development in the investigation, the Twelfth Section is withdrawn from the case on the orders of the head of criminal investigations, and end up working a series of arson cases and the disappearance of a female employee. Amagi, who is following the serial arson, hears from factory worker Kaneko Masanobu that the bicycle of Abe Toshiya, a chauffeur at the home of the Law Minister Takada Koichiro, was burnt. On the other hand, Mizutani Tamaki and Samura find out a person called Ando Saki is the missing female who had worked using a fake name. Just then, an elementary school receives a phone call warning about an explosion. The Law Minister’s daughter, Takada Manami who attends this school, has been kidnapped! Amagi and the members of the Twelfth Section find a link between the three cases, which they had initially believed were unrelated, from the results of the investigations. Meanwhile, the case takes a turn in a direction that no one had even expected … … With a hunch that the timeline of these cases dates back to a kidnap and murder 20 years ago, Amagi takes a fresh look at them. He soon arrives at the “depressed feelings” that were the trigger for all of the cases … …

Coming soon!

Oishi Tetsuya (Scapegoat, Team ~ Keishichou Tokubetsu Hanzai Sousa Honbu)

#1: The Last Statute of Limitations
#2: The Ice Murderer
#3: A Runaway Good Friend
#4: The Man who was Forgotten
#5: Mother and Son
#6: Mid-Summer Revenge Killing?! The Remaining One-hour of Life
#7: The Murder of Male Suspect 0 who Surrendered Himself
#8: Right Before Release!! The Woman who Escaped with 8,990 yen
#9: The Blank Will and A 10-year Void

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