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From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 11 July 2015


Hiroshi is without a job and aimless even though he has turned 30. He and Pyonkichi, the flat-faced frog stuck to his t-shirt, are buddies. The two of them met 16 years earlier when Hiroshi was a junior high school student. Pyonkichi, a normal tree frog, was crushed beneath Hiroshi who took a tumble in a park, and attached itself to Hiroshi’s t-shirt. It could talk and possessed more human-like feelings than a human being. This was the birth of Pyonkichi, the flat-faced frog. From then on, the hot-blooded Hiroshi and gutsy Pyonkichi got along well as best friends. However, the present Hiroshi has become a useless guy and turns a deaf ear despite Pyonkichi’s pep talks. Hiroshi’s quarrels with Pyonkichi has grown frequent and he wears the t-shirt with Pyonkichi on it a lot less. Both Pyonkichi and Hiroshi’s mother worry about Hiroshi. Hiroshi’s rival and former leader of the naughty boys in the neighbourhood, Goriraimo, has become the company president of a bread factory and is about to run for the local ward assembly. Hiroshi increasing gets fed up with his unappealing self. But Goro, his junior, still idolises him. In the midst of this, Hiroshi is reunited with his first love, Kyoko-chan. She had married and left the town, but has come back after her divorce. Hiroshi is delighted to see her again. However, Kyoko-chan is like a different person with a cold and heartless attitude. In addition, he detects something unusual in Pyonkichi. Hiroshi attempts to get back his former plucky self for their sakes.

Matsuyama Kenichi as Hiroshi
He once got through life with guts together with Pyonkichi. But now that he is about to turn 30, he is an aimless, useless guy who does not even have a regular job. Some changes in Pyonkichi and Kyoko-chan prompts him to make the decision to make a fresh start in life.

Mitsushima Hikari as (voice of) Pyonkichi
A frog that attached itself to Hiroshi’s t-shirt when a flustered Hiroshi tumbled and crushed him 16 years ago. He has lived as a flat-faced frog. He clashes with Hiroshi over everything with his characteristic gutsiness and supports Hiroshi. Something unusual happens to him.

Maeda Atsuko as Kyoko-chan
Hiroshi’s junior high school classmate and the girl he adores forever. She is divorced and has come back to the town where she was born and grew up. But she is no longer the cheerful and kind Kyoko-chan of the past, and has become an unfeeling, businesslike person maybe because of the painful experience she has been through.

Katsuji Ryo as Goro
A junior who has idolised the useless Hiroshi since junior high school days. He has now become a fine police officer because of his chivalry and will poke his nose into Hiroshi’s business whenever he has a spare moment.

Arai Hirofumi as Goriraimo
Hiroshi’s classmate during junior high school and a former leader of the naughty boys in the neighbourhood. He is Hiroshi’s better in fights and quick wits. He is now the young company president of a bread factory. He opposes Hiroshi at every opportunity and has a scary face, but he actually has a good heart.

Yakushimaru Hiroko as Hiroshi’s Mother
A reassuring, gentle mother who raised Hiroshi and Pyonkichi single-handedly. She works at Goriraimo’s bread factory and is actually the person with the most guts.

Okada Yoshikazu (Kokoro ga Pokitto ne, Nakuna Hara-chan)

Original Work
Dokonjo Gaeru by Yoshizawa

#1: Useless Guy and Flat-faced Frog Go on a Rampage
#2: Hiroshi is a Thief? Pyonkichi’s Great Chase!
#3: Make a Lethal Bread! Filial Piety with First Pay
#4: Cancelled Only In Case of Thunderstorm! Fireworks Festival to Father!!
#5: Foolish Company President vs Unscrupulous Company President! The 20 yen Battle
#6: The End of Pyonkichi’s Life. The Time for Farewell
#7: Pyonkichi’s Farewell Trip! The Day to Go Back to being a Frog
#8: The End of a 16-year Love! Don’t Die Pyonkichi
#9: Pyonkichi’s Last Day! The Last Gutsy Act
#10: Disappeared!? Resurrected!? Pyonkichi’s Future

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