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Yoshii Emiri is a new employee of a top general trading company, Teito Corporation. She had no choice but to give up her dream of obtaining an MBA in America as a consequence of the failure of her family business. However, she joined Teito Corporation with the lofty aspiration and motivation to use her abilities to become a member of the board. She is not assigned to the frontline Textile Department as she had hoped, but to the General Affairs Department, the old guard which only pays lip service to “female employment”. She must wear uniform and comes under the administrative staff to the department manager or lower. Emiri is stunned to be treated as a jack of all trades within the company, from changing light bulbs to placing orders for name cards. Even so, she does what she is told properly for the sake of repaying her family’s debts. The problem is interpersonal relationships beyond her duties. Emiri does not even drink the coffee which they have to pay 500 yen each month and always skips lunches as well as gatherings with the office ladies. She ends up being marked “not a team player” by the female staff. On the other hand, the male staff give Emiri preferential treatment. That said, she is only needed for her youth and beauty such as appearing on the front cover of the company brochure and entertaining clients, and is not given proper work. Everything she possesses becomes a target of harassment. However, the older office ladies get increasingly jealous of her rather than understanding her feelings. Vicious bullying begins. Emiri is given a hard time simply because of her youth and beauty. Although she endures this the whole time, she soon reaches the limit of her patience. Deciding to rebel against the old-fashioned company, she fights against age discrimination and bullying with logic.

Takei Emi as Yoshii Emiri
A new employee who was employed by Teito Corporation at the last minute and assigned to the General Affairs Division. She was on her way to taking an MBA in America, but she had just barely graduated from her studies at a Tokyo university when her family’s business failed. Because of that, she always skips lunches and gatherings with the office ladies. She does not even drink the coffee which they have to pay 500 yen each month, and invites the criticism of the senior office ladies. On the other hand, she is tremendously popular with the male staff just because she is young and beautiful. This spells disaster for her and she immediately becomes the target of bullying of the female staff. She tolerates this the whole time, but eventually strikes back.

Inamori Izumi as Osawa Yuriko
The first female head of the General Affairs Division. She has devoted herself to the company’s Textile Department, which is its main product, since she joined the company. She had always been on the frontline as she juggled work with marriage, childbirth and child raising. But she is suddenly ordered to transfer to the General Affairs Division and has to accept the newcomer, Yoshii Emiri. Although she puts up a good front about this transfer which is against her will, she is shocked on the inside, and feels frustration and a sense of resignation peculiar to women. The presence of the young, beautiful Emiri gets on her nerves. Her husband is a university associate professor and they have an 8-year-old daughter.

Seto Koji as Igawa Masaru
The prince of the General Affairs Division. This is his third year in the company. His ex-girlfriend was 12 years his senior. He plays this up, knowing that it will be well-received by the senior office ladies. He is all things to all people and tries to please everyone.

Kaname Jun as Sada Koichi
The deputy of the General Affairs Division. A man who is a hands-on dad. He joined the company in the same year as Hoshina Akihiko and is extremely unhappy that he is the assistant manager. To begin with, he is the one who graduated from a good university and is outstanding. He thinks that he ended up being overtaken because he took childcare leave.

Sugimoto Tetta as Ikura Masao
A senior staff of the General Affairs Division. He is grateful to be employed given his high school qualifications in addition to his absence for a long time on several occasions due to illness. He has been insulted by Takayama Tetsutaro to the extent that he earned the nickname “Sandbag Ikura”, and is even harassed because of his age. But he does not strike back and always lets it pass with a smile. He actually understands Takayama’s stress well enough and even thinks that he may be lucky that he has been sidelined.

Asano Kazuyuki as Yoshii Takao
Yoshii Emiri’s father. A native of Hokkaido, he got a job with a Tokyo manufacturer. He worked on the factory floor, but took early retirement because of some incident. He went back to Hokkaido and opened a bar but the business failed in two years. He would speak bitterly of unreasonable things and laugh it off.

Takenaka Naoto as Takayama Tetsutaro
The head of the General Affairs Department. A salaryman whose philosophy is “career success first”. He wishes to have a head start on his surrounding no matter what it takes while being in a position closest to the members of the board together with the planning and accounting managers. He believes females do not need other ability besides youth and beauty, but he is instantly mindful and does not express this opinion in order to protect his career. An authoritarian, traditional male chauvinist, he takes out his stress on weak people, particularly Ikura Masao who is his sandbag.

Kazama Morio as Gondo Susumu
The director in charge of general affairs. He is almost certainly the next company president. He travelled from Europe to the US and the gentlemanly manner that he acquired is very popular with the female staff. Although he has come out with a series of pro-female initiatives, the appointed women have gone on maternity leave or been summoned by nursery schools. On the inside, he is fed up that it is difficult for them to continue working.

Koizumi Kotaro as Hoshina Akihiko
He is selected as the head of the Second Textile Department without consulting Osawa Yuriko. He understands female psychology very well. “It is youth for females. Even for an ugly woman.” He never lets on his true opinion that “a woman’s worth fades year by year”. He is dismissive of marriage.

Uchidate Makiko (Byakkotai, Toshishita no Otoko)

Original Work
Age Harassment by Uchidate Makiko

#1: Long Nails are going to be Driven In!! Abusive Boss vs Queen of General Affairs
#2: Baptism of the OL Inner Palace! I’ll Hit Back if Attacked
#3: I’ll Drive Nails in Embezzling Boss who Abuses Power!!
#4: Department vs Career!! A Female Battle without Honour
#5: This Office Lady Fighting Against a Demotion will Sue the Company!!
#6: The Department Saw! A Stolen Love Revenge Begins!
#7: Wagering Men in Fight against Female Superior with Greatest Abuse of Power
#8: Last Adversary of Alleged 1 Million Sexual Harassment is 18 Years Old!!
#9: Expose Scandal!! The Final Adversary is a Board Member who Abuses Power

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