Risk no Kamisama

Risk no Kamisama

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From 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 8 July 2015

Fuji TV

Saigyoji Satoshi is a legendary risk management specialist involved in American corporate and government-linked risk management. He has solved numerous problems such as information leaks and recalls. These skills have won the confidence of Sakate Mitsuki, the president of Japan’s largest trading company Sunrise Corporation, and Saigyoji is brought in to head the Crisis Management Office in order to handle potential problems and scandals. He returns to Japan after a long absence. Around that time, Sunrise Corporation’s joint development of “Life”, a next generation battery which uses new materials, with Ikushima Electric has been attracting worldwide attention. The person in charge of this development is Kagari Kaori, the head of the Electronics Department who has been with Sunrise Corporation for 10 years. Sunrise Corporation and Ikushima Electric establish a new company, Life Power Co. Ikushima Toru, Ikushima Electric’s managing director, assumes the post of company president, and even Kaori is chosen to be the board director in charge of product development. One night, Kaori attends a workshop for young employees
Sunrise Corporation’s senior managing director Shirakawa Seiichiro. Tachibana Yuka, the head of the Public Relations Department, as well as Harada Kiyoshi, the head of the Medical Products Department, who is also Kaori’s boyfriend, and others are also there. On this occasion, Shirakawa discloses that the president has set up a Crisis Management Office and headhunted Saigyoji, who is called the “god of risk” within the industry. Then, an unexpected incident occurs. They receive a complaint about a self-propelled vacuum cleaner with a built-in “Life” battery caught fire in a home and a child suffered burns. Ikushima tells Kaori that malicious claims against manufacturers are unavoidable. But this develops into a series of incidents and recall problems. As a result of this, Kaori loses in the rat race and transfers to the Crisis Management Office where she has to work under Saigyoji.

Tsutsumi Shinichi as Saigyoji Satoshi
A legendary crisis management specialist who used to be involved in American corporate and government-linked risk management and has solved numerous problems. He is hired by Japan’s largest trading company, Sunrise Corporation, to head its Crisis Management Office for the purpose of handling potential problems and scandals. He went alone to America straight out of university, and while getting a taste of a number of occupations, he qualified as a lawyer and was involved in handling corporate trouble at a top law firm. After that, he struck out on his own as a crisis management specialist. He possesses a wealth of practical knowledge from legal to sports and missile to science. He is a self-centred, extremely cautious man who will do whatever it takes in order to achieve his objectives. He takes things at his own pace and will control the pace of the other party before without even realising it. When in trouble, he will encourage or hold his own against people who get cold feet with strong words such as “A crisis cannot be 100% avoided”, “When caught in a crisis, only one thing can be protected”, “A crisis is a chance”. He will not bow to authority. He will save a company rather than an individual person, and tries hard to protect the lives of the many parties involved.

Toda Erika as Kagari Kaori
The person in charge of Sunrise Corporation’s Electronics Department. An employee on the career track and a graduate of Tokyo University. She is the most successful of her peers. A multilingual girl who lived abroad and returned to Japan she can speak languages such as English, Chinese and Russian. Although rumoured to be a person who will do anything in order to get a contract, she is always gets in trouble with her superior and colleagues because of her strong personality. She jointly develops the next generation battery “Life” with Ikushima Electric, a global electronics manufacturer, and is dispatched to the new company which Sunrise Corporation and Ikushima Electric have started together. She is selected to be the director in charge of product development at a young age. Her days are smooth sailing as the young leader who epitomises “Life”, but she ends up involved in recall problems due to a series of incidents in which home electrical appliances equipped with “Life” catch fire. After that, she has to work with Saigyoji at the crisis management office.

Morita Go as Yuki Minoru
The person in charge of negotiations at Sunrise Corporation’s Crisis Management Office. He made Saigyoji Satoshi’s acquaintance while working in America and they have been working together since then for close to 10 years. He has a cheerful nature and appears to be superficial, but he obeys Saigyoji’s instructions and is a professional with the temperament of an artisan who would carry out a job no matter how difficult it is such as hacking, information analysis, stakeout, negotiation, and achieve results. Saigyoji has great faith in him. There are times when he disguises himself and infiltrate companies and organisations in order to obtain information. He even undertakes dangerous work that is just within the law. He is Saigyoji’s dependable right-hand man.

Furuta Arata as Tanegashima Toshio
The person in charge of investigations at Sunrise Corporation’s Crisis Management Office. Saigyoji Satoshi’s partner since the time he was working in America. He is Saigyoji’s most trusted person and is the Joker who is his trump card. He possesses outstanding negotiation skills and is a genius who manipulates the mind of the other party. He becomes Saigyoji’s shadow and nips problems in the bud with methods that are just barely legal.

Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Harada Kiyoshi
Kagari Kaori’s boyfriend. The person in charge of Sunrise Corporation’s medicine department. Although he is always twisted around by Kaori, he constantly watches over her tenderly. He was brought up well and is the son of a well-to-do family. The complete opposite of Kaori, he dislikes conflicts with people.

Yoshida Kotaro as Sakate Mitsuki
The president of Sunrise Corporation. He summons Saigyoji Satoshi from America and opens a crisis management office within the company. He is considered to be dictatorial inside the company because of his management style.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Shirakawa Seiichiro
Sunrise Corporation’s senior managing director. He opposes the management policy of company president Sakate Mitsuki, constantly monitors the movements of the crisis management office which is directly under Sakate and always has confrontations with Sakate.

Tanaka Min as Sekiguchi Takao
A wheelchair-bound old man with a serious illness. He is shrouded in mystery, but appears to have a deep connection with Saigyoji Satoshi … …

Hashimoto Hiroshi (Leaders, Unmei no Hito)

#1: A Crisis is A Chance … The Appearance of an Enigmatic Saviour
#2: Foreign Substance in Food Product … Rescue from a Bankruptcy Crisis!
#3: Two Scandals of an Idol and Future Prime Minister … Safeguard Hidden Truths
#4: Save the Sea from Pollution! The Trap Lurking in Crisis Measures!
#5: Solve the Kidnapping Case! The Ultimate Choice with Life at Stake
#6: 11 Colleagues are Suspects in Theft of Company Secrets?! Who’s the Corporate Spy?
#7: The Trap Lurking in Family Feud!? Save the Company Takeover
#8: A Charismatic Female Company President’s Lie; Expose the Crime of Undocumented Deficits
#9: Woman Caught in a Desperate Situation; Exposed Past and Revenge
#10: A Crisis is a Chance … The Choice Made by Father and Son

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