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Sugisaki Momoko is a new childminder with ‘Little Snow’, which provides a home care service for sick children. It is a job where she goes to the house of a child who cannot be entrusted to the nursery school because of illness such as fever, and looks after the child on behalf of the parent(s). Momoko used to be a nursery school teacher, but had the bitter experience of being asked to leave the nursery school in one year because her awkward smiles led to communication problems with parents. On this day, she receives instructions from her boss, Asahina Motoharu, and looks after a child alone for the first time as a childminder to sick children. Momoko visits the home of a single mother, Mori Satomi. When Satomi opens the door dressed in a nice suit, Momoko sees that things are strewn all over the floor. It is a house of junk. Satomi’s son, Kaito, appears in worn-out clothes that is in contrast to Satomi’s. Momoko cannot help the urge to put in a word to Satomi for her rude treatment of her sick son. But Little Snow’s three principles of caring for a sick child which was hammered into her by company president, Yanagi Chikara, flashes through her mind. “1) Don’t pay attention to the child; 2) don’t scold; and 3) don’t impose your own values.” Momoko bites back her words with effort. But she is still concerned about Satomi who is wrapped up in her work and not very attentive to Kaito. Springing into action, Momoko cleans up the house for a busy Satomi. However, what awaits her that night is a complaint when she gets back. She is given a pep talk by Yanagi who tells her, “What you have done is unnecessary”, and admonished by a senior childminder, Seki Megumi. “Once a childminder comes to the house, the mother goes out. We’re like the devil to the child.” The next day, Momoko goes to Shinohara Kensuke’s house for her next job. Shinohara Kensuke’s wife, Kumiko, left home one week earlier and he is surly. His son, Kenta, appears from behind his back crying for his mother. Meanwhile, Momoko’s mother, Fumiko, and elder brother, Yuki, are planning to summon Momoko who left home six years ago and cut ties. Then, Momoko has to visit Satomi’s house again and faces her greatest crisis … … She will encounter all sorts of families at the places she is sent to. But with the support and the occasional help of her colleagues and best friend, Ono Yumika, she soon starts to face up to work, romance, family and friendship, and grow ups.

Renbutsu Misako as Sugisaki Momoko
Little Snow’s new childminder. She used to be a nursery school teacher, but there were complaints from parents about her stiff smiles and she was dismissed from the nursery school in one year. She is picked up by Asahina Motoharu and makes a fresh start as a childcare giver for sick children. Her awkward smiles are actually a result of the discrimination between her elder brother, Yuki, and her that she faced from their mother during her childhood. She likes listening to traditional Japanese comic storytelling and vegetables pickled in rice bran paste.

Narimiya Hiroki as Asahina Motoharu
One of the founders of Little Snow and Yanagi Chikara’s business partner. He is Sugisaki Momoko’s boss and the life of the workplace. Curious about Sugisaki Momoko’s awkward smiles, he overrides objections from Yanagi and employs her. He is bothered about the deep gulf that developed between him and his elementary school daughter, Koharu, because of an incident three years ago. He is actively involved in raising Koharu and prepares a homemade lunch box for her every day.

Hayami Mokomichi as Shinohara Kensuke
A father who uses Little Snow. He has to bring up his son, Kenta, on his own because his unfaithful wife left home. Although he is gruff and speaks his mind, he actually cares about his son and marks an effort to be actively involved in child-raising. He is finally able to make omelet rice recently. Sugisaki Momoko who comes as a childminder for sick children gradually becomes someone he is interested in.

Triendl Reina as Ono Yumika
Sugisaki Momoko’s best friend and childhood friend. A nursery school teacher. She observes the antagonism between Momoko and her family and is subtly concerned. Because she appears happy-go-lucky and is shrewd, she maneuvers effectively in her workplace

Mikami Kensei as Sugisaki Yuki
Sugisaki Momoko’s elder brother. A doctor. He has handled Momoko roughly since they were children. He has been scheming with their mother to try to make Momoko, who has left home and severed ties, care for their sick father.

Fujiki Naohito as Yanagi Chikara
Little Snow’s representative. He treats Sugisaki Momoko who strays from the manual and gets complaints, with a harsher attitude than average. Unlike Asahina Motoharu who thinks about childcare on the ground, he is always considering and acting on the success of Little Snow as a business. His favourite phrase is, “Don’t be mistaken.”

Mizuno Miki as Seki Megumi
The chief childminder at Little Snow. A veteran staff who has pride in her work, she is Sugisaki Momoko’s trainer. Momoko admires her, but Little Snow’s three general rules for the care of sick children is related to an incident in her past.

Asano Atsuko as Sugisaki Fumiko
The mother of Sugisaki Momoko and Yuki. A venomous mother who will not permit her daughter to have her own world. She has been harsh only to Momoko among her three children since they were young. She is searching for her daughter’s whereabouts in order to force her to take care of her sick husband.

Umeda Mika (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai Season 1, Ghost Mama Sousasen)

Original Work
37.5 deg no Namida by Shiina Chika

#1: Unfit Mother!? Is it a Crime to Leave a Sick Child and Go to Work? … The Story of a Childminder for Sick Children
#2: Can a Child’s Feigned Illness be Forgiven? The Time a Parent Turns Her Back on a Child
#3: Indulgent, Complaining Mother; Unrepentant Child
#4: The Barriers of a Remarried Family!! Blood Ties? Or Bonds between Parent and Child?
#5: A Mother’s Last Message to Daughter … A Reunion with Venomous Parents
#6: Appearance of a Saviour to an Overwhelming Mother’s Control and Premonition of Love
#7: A Love Set in Motion and A Triangular Relationship … A Mother’s Strange Love Gathers Speed
#8: A Sudden Kiss and Proposal!? Parting Ways with Abusive Older Brother
#9: Unqualified Minder for Sick Children! Spiteful Mother’s Victory … The Entire Truth?
#10: A Tearful Decision! Separation of Mother and Daughter … and Direction of Love

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