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Over a year has passed since Hanasaki Mai and Soma Ken of Tokyo Daiichi Bank were made partners and started to solve various problems that occur at the bank branches nationwide. On the other hand, Shindo Takeshi, their nemesis, has been promoted to managing director and is increasingly consolidating his power within the bank as a candidate to be the next bank president. Mai and Soma travel all around the country and make every effort for the sake of the vulnerable in spite of this. One day, the two of them are ordered to inspect the Nihonbashi branch onsite. An investment trust problem has occurred and customers are trying to sue the bank. A customer, Morozumi Hiroshi, the president of Morozumi Industries, invested 30 million yen in the investment trust and just after he terminated the contract half a year later, he had made a loss of 3 million yen on his principal. However, Morozumi says when he bought into the trust, Kitahara Yuri from the Client Relations Division had explained that the “principal is guaranteed” and he “would not suffer a loss”. Mai and Soma hear from Yuri who insists that she did not say that the principal is guaranteed. But Mai feels something is wrong with Yuri’s excessively impassive attitude. The branch manager, Hashizume Toichi, who belongs to Shindo’s faction, turns a deaf ear. “It is just an accusation. He is vexed by his loss and has only come to find fault.” Mai and Soma head to Morozumi Industries to hear Morozumi’s story. However, Morozumi is furious with the bank’s response and has already submitted a written complaint to the effect that he will sue Tokyo Daiichi Bank. Meanwhile, Mai meets Matsuki Keisuke, a staff of the Loans Division, on a visit to the Gotanda branch. While struggling to collaborate with them and solve a problem, Matsuki becomes attracted to the way Mai works and her personality. However, Mai, who is obtuse to love, is slow in realising his feelings.

Anne as Hanasaki Mai
A staff of the Branch Administrative Department’s On-site Inspection Unit at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s headquarters. Her partner is Soma Ken and her work involves solving the problems that happen at the bank’s branches. Before that, she had been a popular bank teller at a branch. But one year ago, she was transferred to her present position. Right after her transfer, she had misgivings about the work of the unit which picks on the mistakes of branches, but she gradually starts to find it meaningful. Her personality is such that she will speak out when she sees people suffering and bluntly tell even her superiors “This is wrong” if something is incorrect.

Kamikawa Takaya as Soma Ken
A staff of the Branch Administrative Department’s On-site Inspection Unit at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s headquarters. He is the “man who gave up”. He once made a name for himself as the loan man at a branch, but his boss at that time pushed the responsibility for a bad loan to him and he was transferred to a branch in the countryside. That led to divorce with his wife. Although he works at the headquarters now, it is a job requiring little work that no one wants. He was completely sidelined from the fast track and has avoided complications in his work since then. But there was a sudden change in circumstances after Hanasaki Mai arrived as his youngest partner one year ago. A hot-blooded man at heart, he gets pushed around by Mai at their destinations, but unthinkingly plays the role of behind-the-scenes support to her.

Tsukaji Muga as Shibasaki Taichi
The assistant manager of the Branch Administrative Department at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s headquarters, and the boss of Hanasaki Mai and Soma Ken. He is more of a person who loves gossip rather than a well-informed person within the bank. He has a thorough knowledge of all sorts of information from personnel to rumoured scandals. However, he does not have the air of ambition or look the part of an elite banker.

Narimiya Hiroki as Matsuki Keisuke
A staff of the Loans Division at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s Gotanda branch. At the time he joined the bank, he was Soma Ken’s subordinate at the Marunouchi branch. He is an earnst and kind-hearted guy. In an attempt to help a small supermarket in distress over a sudden demand for loan repayment, he scrambles to assist Hanasaki Mai and Soma. In the midst of this, he is exposed to the way Mai works and her personality, and ends up falling in love with her before he realises it. However, the obtuse Mai is not used to having someone’s affection, and does not notice his feelings … …

Enoki Takaaki as Karashima Shinjiro
The manager of the Branch Administrative Department at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s headquarters, and the boss of Hanasaki Mai and Soma Ken. He speaks in a quiet tone and is popular within the bank. He is the one responsible for pairing Mai and Soma who appear to have their differences. He watches over their activities from behind the scenes.

Ishibashi Ryo as Dojima Shogo
The senior managing director of Tokyo Daiichi Bank. A true banker with the desire to make Tokyo Daiichi Bank number one with his own hands. He rose up through the company because he set his sights on the top from young and he was willing to challenge the top brass at times. He did not give lip service, but delivered good results. That was precisely why he could do it. Returning to Japan from the New York branch as a senior managing director, he emerges as a prime candidate in the fight to be the next bank president all of a sudden and engages in a silent battle with Shindo Takeshi. It remains a mystery whether he is a foe or an ally to the On-site Inspection Unit.

Komoto Masahiro as Kodama Naoki
The assistant director of the Corporate Secretariat at Tokyo Daiichi Bank’s headquarters. Soma Ken’s peer. He respects Shindo Takeshi from the heart and obeys him unconditionally. He is the leader of the Shindo faction and keeps an eye on the movements of the On-site Inspection Unit.

Osugi Ren as Hanasaki Kozo
Hanasaki Mai’s father. He runs the restaurant ‘Hanasaki’ on the first floor of his residence at Monzennakacho. His wife died young and he raised Mai single-handedly. He understands his daughter the best. At times, he is strict, and at other times he is gentle. He is the dependable father who supports her. When Mai got a job with Tokyo Daiichi Bank, he resigned from his company and set up his own eating joint. The restaurant becomes a peaceful sanctuary not only for Mai, but also for Soma Ken.

Namase Katsuhisa as Shindo Takeshi
The managing director of Tokyo Daiichi Bank. He has been the most successful among his batch ever since he joined the bank. One year ago, he was the head of the Sales and Planning Department, but was promoted. He formed the Shindo faction and has a steadily strengthened his position within the bank. Hanasaki Mai and Soma Ken of the On-site Inspection Unit exposed a series of scandals caused by branch managers belonging to his faction, he realises that they are a major annoyance and treats them as an enemy. He is trusted because he has been supporting the current bank president all along and the view within the bank is that “Shindo will be the next bank president”. However, Dojima Shogo, the senior manager director who has returned from New York, suddenly appears. He starts to get involved in a power struggle in the fight to be the bank’s next president.

Matsuda Yuko (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai, Piece)
Umeda Mika (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai, Ghost Mama Sousasen)
Yokota Rie (Soko o Nantoka Series, Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai)

Original Work
Fushouji by Ikeido Jun

#1: “With All Due Respect!” The Thrilling Heroine’s Comeback!!
#2: A Premonition of Love!!! Misdeeds of the Branch Manager Behind a Loan Collection
#3: Female Bank Employee Falls into Romance Trap!! The 300 million yen that Disappeared from the Counter
#4: A Stalker Incident Occurs Inside the Bank!! A Hidden Truth
#5: Reunion with Ex-wife! A Shady Loan!!
#6: On-site Inspection Unit vs Unscrupulous Inspector!! Expose Unforgivable Misconduct
#7: Bank Information is Leaked! The Whereabouts of Confidential Documents and The Outcome of Love
#8: A Branch Manager is Attacked?! … The Hidden Abuse of Authority in a Case
#9: The Missing 10 Million Yen Bank Draft … A Relationship that Must Be Concealed!?
#10: Crush the Bank! The Crime of the Branch Manager who Reported a Threatening Letter!
#11: Suspicions of Bribery! The Bank’s Greatest Crisis

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