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Ikegami Tatsuya is an employee of the real estate company, Clover Urban Development, headed by company president Hibino Jin. He has set his sights on Sachio City, a provincial town in southwest Tokyo, as a candidate site for a multibillion-yen urban development project. Concealing his identity, Ikegami joins Sachio City fire brigade’s 11th branch to obtain information on the landowners for the purpose of acquiring the site. This is where he meets members of the fire brigade including Azumi Sakura, Kanbe Kyoko, Ishizawa Satoshi as well as the firefighter Goda Atsushi. Coming from a real estate company with a merit-based system, Ikegami cannot understand the activities of the fire brigade. On top of that, it is a group that worries about a reduction in personnel and gets derided for being feeble and miserable by the locals. Although Ikegami looks down on Sakura and the others, his “my own interests first” conviction starts to waver little by little as he comes in contact with the fire brigade which works hard for the local residents and faces disasters with his rival, Goda. On the other hand, the contest with Hamada Naoki, a colleague who is recommending another candidate site for the project which Ikegami has been developing with the support of the management consultant Yuki Eri, begins to intensify … …

AKIRA as Ikegami Tatsuya
A successful elite businessman who was headhunted by Hibino Jin, the president of the large real estate company, Clover Urban Development. He is cool but passionate below the surface. A confident man who hates to lose. He joins Sachio City fire brigade’s 11th branch with the objective of obtaining information that will make his urban development project a success.

Kuriyama Chiaki as Azumi Sakura
A member of Sachio City fire brigade’s 11th branch and the unofficial acting branch commander. She works as a kindergarten teacher and feels a sense of pride in her job at the fire brigade. A kindhearted heroine who leads the branch. She observes the branch’s traditions as she makes every effort to revive the 11th branch beloved of the local residents and secure the number of personnel.

Sato Ryuta as Goda Atsushi
The leader of the firefighters who belong to Sachio City’s Fire Department. The strong, silent type, he makes level-headed judgements and acts bravely. He is outstanding on every count. He has the makings of a leader and takes command at the frontline.

Tanaka Kei as Hamada Naoki
An employee of Clover Urban Development and Ikegami Tatsuya’s rival. He has been pushing a different candidate site for the development project and opposes Ikegami.

Nanao as Yuki Eri
A management consultant. Ikegami Tatsuya’s business partner. A talented woman who has all sorts of connections. She and Ikegami have friendly competition as they exchange information with each other. They are more than friends but not quite lovers.

Inagaki Goro as Hibino Jin
The president of Clover Urban Development. A shrewd man who rapidly grew his company at a young age. He is a hard-nosed businessman who will not hesitate to discard a person who is not able to achieve results. He headhunted Ikegami Tatsuya whose abilities he appreciates and has placed his hopes on the urban development project that Ikegami is working on. But his inner thoughts are completely inscrutable and he possesses a “silent terror”. He likes to take a shot at difficult things.

Ushio Kentaro (Shomuni 2013, Take Five)
Oura Kota (Shomuni 2013, Switch Girl 2)
Tsubota Fumi

#1: A Man with Designs on a Town becomes a Firefighting Hero who Protects the Town! The Start of a Desperate, Touching Story Amid a Bruising, Fiery Great Fire Battle
#2: The Cry of a Soul in Deep Panic
#3: The Hidden Truth in 119! Save a Sick, Lonely Youth!
#4: Protect the Memories of a Couple Hit by Typhoon! A Desperate Rescue in the Storm
#5: Outbreak of Incidents on Summer Festival Night! The Time to Part with a Friend! A Tearful Decision
#6: Restructuring Crisis! The Fire Brigade Breaks Up! The Truth that Ties Associates Together
#7: The True Nature of the Formidable Company President! The Fire Brigade Collapses at the Ultimate Betrayal
#8: An All-Out Confrontation with Archenemy Company President! The Secret Plan to Stop Redevelopment

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