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One summer morning, 23-year-old Amano Toko walks into the lobby of the foreign-owned Vollmond Hotel in high spirits. Her long-cherished dream has come true. She is starting a new job as a concierge today after three years with the F&B department. The Vollmond Hotel is a top hotel which gives the sense of the extraordinary. It has a distinctive atmosphere that makes a guest feel special. The charismatic fashion designer Kaiho Sachi, arrives with her husband, Satoru and son, Tsubasa. She is a VIP guest who holds her birthday party at the hotel every year, and the general manager, Washio Ryosuke, has come to the lobby to receive her. Sachi requests for a change of flowers even though it is the day of her birthday. Toko agrees despite her apprehension. Learning about this, the senior concierge Honjo Kazuma does everything in his power to find a compromise to Sachi’s request. Even Sachi is satisfied with his quick thinking. However, Toko who has mistaken the true meaning of the words “A concierge does not say no”, ends up being barred from involvement in this matter. She is disappointed, but still has to have a smile for guests. Then, Shukuzato Taichi directs Watanabe Yuji, a young man who is staying at the hotel for the first time, to the concierge desk. Hearing from Shukuzato that Yuji is going to ask his girlfriend Tanaka Madoka to marry him, Toko suggests a surprise proposal and requests Takagaki Arisa, a housekeeping staff, and others to put up decorations. However, Yuji who runs a flower business, has to rush to the farm because of a change in the flowers that will be used for Sachi’s party and they do not know what time he will reach the hotel. News of Madoka’s arrival adds to the anxieties of a flustered Toko … … Toko frequently panics on the inside despite her feelings. She runs around within the hotel in an attempt to solve problems and gives all she has got in order to put smiles on guests’ faces with the support of the people around her.

Nishiuchi Mariya as Amano Toko
A rookie concierge. Wanting to work at a prestigious hotel, she went to a tourism school and fulfilled her dream of getting a job at Vollmond Hotel. She was assigned to the Food & Beverage Department and worked at the restaurant floor for three years. But she was chosen to be a concierge this summer and has transferred departments. She is the type who rushes headlong into things before reading the situation. She hates to lose and her love and enthusiasm for the hotel is second to none. She runs around to get everyone’s help for the purpose of putting smiles on the faces of guests.

Miura Shohei as Honjo Kazuma
A concierge. He got a job at Vollmond Hotel after graduating from university. He became a concierge one year ago after being a doorman and bellboy. He has a high level of professionalism, and is impeccable as well as thorough in everything he does. He makes every effort behind closed doors to that end. Because of his professionalism, he does not say “It cannot be done” to guest requests and has a comprehensive strategy to deal with the requests. Although he assumes a soft attitude toward guests and has even been highly commended, he has no interest in conversations that do not concern work.

Omi Toshinori as Shukuzato Taichi
A mysterious man who appears at Vollmond Hotel’s lobby. He seems to be concerned about the way that Amano Toko works, but … …

Natsuna as Takagaki Arisa
A housekeeping staff. She does not smile despite her polite, precise and prompt work. She used to working for a hotel in her hometown, but became a staff of Vollmond Hotel two and a half years ago. Because she is not good at interacting with people, she does not want to do any customer-facing job.

Wakamura Mayumi as Katagiri Mihoko
The general manager of business strategy. She was headhunted from a famous English hotel by Vollmond Hotel. She knows a lot about “first class”, does not allow any compromise for work and always demands elegance from even subordinates. She used to work at the same hotel as Washio Ryosuke and although their policies are different, they are top hoteliers.

Ibu Masato as Narusawa Eiichi
The Japanese president of Vollmond Hotel. He has good business acumen and is strategising to raise the average spending per guest even higher. Because he replaces everything with figures, he is indifferent to service which is not a number.

Takahashi Katsunori as Washio Ryosuke
The general manager of Vollmond Hotel. He is the person in charge of managing everything on the ground and is depended on by everyone. He has been in the hotel scene for many years and has had experience in various departments. He is impartial with everyone, cares for the staff and is always genial, but there are also times when he delivers a stern word. He lets Amano Toko transfer to the Concierge Department after seeing the way she works.

Matsuda Yuko (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai, Ghost Mama Sousasen)

#1: Tonight’s Miracle! The Smile of a Psychologically Harassed Celebrity Wife at a Top Hotel
#2: Suspecting a Customer! … A Non-Paying Guest Slips In
#3: VIP Guest is a Spoiled Kabuki Actor! A One-night Only Miracle Dance
#4: A Stalker is Staying!? The Best Hospitality of a Heart that is Empathises
#5: The Bride who Locked Herself in 50 mins Before Solemnisation! Tears Shed for Kind Lies
#6: The Missing Sapphire Ring … Save the Suspected Housekeeper!
#7: A Tearful Wedding Ceremony! The Miracle Wedding for a Sick Father
#8: Slamming Hand on Wall in front of Impertinent Trainee! Take Back an Abandoned Dream
#9: Beauty Industry’s Boss Makes an Appearance! The Hotel’s Greatest Crisis?
#10: The Tearful Last Surprise! A Miracle for Mother and Daughter

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