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Yagami Light, an ordinary university student who aspires to be a civil servant, lives with his detective father, Soichiro, and younger sister, Sayu. Besides going for live performances by Ichigo Berry, which Amane Misa belongs to, he works hard at his studies and part-time job. One day, he sees Sakoda, a classmate from high school days who was sent to a juvenile corrective institution, show up and extort his good friend, Kamoda. Light tries to stop Sakoda, but ends up having his mobile phone taken away. On the way home, Light picks up a mysterious notebook with the words “Death Note” written on it by chance. “The person whose name is written in this notebook will die,” is written inside. Light laughs this off and jots Sakoda’s name down as a joke. But the next morning, Sakoda death is reported. Many people are delighted with Sakoda’s death. Light even succeeds in killing the vicious criminal who snatched a police officer’s gun and took his father hostage while out on parole. Once Light realises the power of the weapon he has in his hands, he decides to reduce the number of criminals and create a peaceful world. He starts to pass judgement on bad people who threaten peaceful daily life with the Death Note and is gradually worshiped on the internet as the hero called “Killer” by the public. However, the world famous detective, L, appears before Light. The mysterious L had noticed the time that a rash of mysterious deaths occurred in the world was skewed towards Japan. He says Killer is bad and declares that he will catch him. Which is justice and which is evil? Who will die and who will survive? A battle of wits are waged by the two geniuses and N watches this with a defiant smile. A new battle finally begins … …

Kubota Masataka as Yagami Light
A university student who wishes for a reasonable amount to feed himself and peace and stability every day. He has no ambition. However, his destiny suddenly changes when he picks up the “Death Note”. This awakens the warped sense of justice and genius that he had been keeping to himself, and he starts to kill bad people one after another as the dark hero, “Killer”, in order to build a world without criminals.

Yamazaki Kento as L
A super genius investigator who has the endorsement of the ICPO and FBI. He sets a daring trap with bits of information and sees through the whereabouts of “Killer”. He steadily starts to close in on Yagami Light who is behind the spate of mysterious deaths.

Yuki Mio as N
A mysterious person who looks androgynous and whose motives are also shrouded.

Sano Hinako as Amane Misa
The lead vocalist of a girl group. She hates criminals because her family was brutally murdered and she empathises with “Killer”. She offers herself to provide help to him.

Sato Jiro as Mogi Kanzo
A detective of Third Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. He has known his superior, Yagami Soichiro, in the detective field for a long time.

Matsushige Yutaka as Yagami Soichiro
Yagami Light’s father. The head of the Third Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. A scrupulous and hot blooded man in everything, he also has a strong sense of justice. He puts work first and could not be at his wife’s deathbed when she died of illness. During an incident, he became a hostage in place of a young girl. He is the only person whom L opens his heart to.

Izumi Yoshihiro (Gokuaku Ganbo, Kurokouchi)

Original Work
Death Note by Obata Takeshi

#1: Do-or-Die Battle of Wits of Murderous Monster with Grand Ambitions because of Death Note and Genius Detective Begins
#2: The Looming Genius L’s Assassins
#3: L’s Trap Drives Killer into A Corner! The Final Trump Card for a Counterattack is …?
#4: A Shocking Encounter … Killer and L Finally go Head-to-Head! Entrapped
#5: Killer’s Startling Actions! Finally Infiltrate Investigation Task Force; Direct Confrontation with L Again
#6: Killer is Finally Arrested! I’m Killer … The Shocking Strategy Hidden in the Confession
#7: Everything Goes According to Killer’s Plan … L, Countdown to the Final Showdown
#8: Farewell, Investigator of Justice … The Name Written in the Notebook is L Lawliet
#9: I Killed L … The Comeback Hidden in the Confession . N Begins Sworn Revenge
#10: The Result of N’s Recklessness, Son’s True Character Revealed! Father’s Name in Notebook …
#11: The Startling End

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