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Le Bon Vivre is an intriguing restaurant. The owner and waitress, Ikeyama Juri, accepts only one group of customers a day. The food that Bon Vivre serves is very special. It is “lost food” that no longer exists in this world. The talented chef, Terayashiki Renichi, is Le Bon Vivre’s pride. He will fully reproduce “lost food” such as the food of a shop that is no longer around or the food of a person who is now deceased in response to all sorts of customer requests. It is the role of second chef, Oze Kiyoi, to support Terayashiki and do research on the “lost food”. He will gather information which covers a wide variety of such food. Many people who have heard the rumours about this restaurant try to make a reservation one way or another. However, very few people are able to get a table. They have one thing in common. The customers that get invited to Le Bon Vivre all have struggles, worries or stand at the crossroads in life. Many of them will look ahead and start a brand new life again after eating the reproduced food here. This is the origin of “Shimeshi”, the name of the cuisine served at this restaurant. People who have eaten this food will be given an indication of the path to take.

Murakami Jun as Terayashiki Renichi
The chef of Le Bon Vivre. He is taciturn and has the spirit of a traditional artisan. He has a great deal of knowledge about food and the versatility to deal with all sorts of cuisine. But what is special about this is his imagination and senses which reproduce the “lost food”. It is a unique and remarkable talent.

Hayashi Kento as Oze Kiyoi
The second chef of Le Bon Vivre. As Terayashiki Renichi’s right-hand man, he helps in cooking as well as collecting information regarding “lost food”. His knowledge of cooking is superior to Terayashiki too. He has a very serious nature.

Manaka Ayu as Ikeyama Juri
The owner and waitress of LeBon Vivre. Her great-grandfather was central to the founding of Le Bon Vivre. A female with a dignified air. She believes in the innate power of regeneration and hopes to draw out this ability by serving “lost food” to customers.

Kanazawa Tomoki

#1: Kitchen Hamada’s Hamburger Stew
#2: My Former Teacher’s Yukiminabe
#3: Grand Takashima’s Omurice
#4: My Father’s Yakisoba

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