The Last Cop 2015


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From 19 June 2015, Fridays

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In 1985, Kyogoku Kosuke is a detective who has solved many cases. Unconventional but passionate to the point of overeagerness. He corners a violent criminal called Kagura. However, at that moment, a bomb planted by Kagura explodes and Kyogoku slips into a coma for 30 years. One day in 2015, Kyogoku suddenly wakes up and visits his wife, Kanako. However, she has remarried and rebuffs him. Just at the moment he is behaving violently, he ends up getting arrested by a young detective, Mochizuki Ryota, and brought to Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct where he is reunited with his former junior Suzuki Makoto, and boss Kujira. Kyogoku quickly returns to his position as a detective. However, it is not possible for him to comprehend the latest gadgets such as the smart phone and computer as well as the “new wisdom”. He keeps ignoring modern rules without a care and putting Ryota, who has been made his buddy, in a spot. Meanwhile, Kyogoku and Ryota are put in charge of the security for an event which is being targeted by the sensational criminal duo, Caesar. They discover men who appear to be Caesar at the scene but … …

Karasawa Toshiaki as Kyogoku Kosuke
A detective of Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct. A hot-blooded man who miraculously awakens from a 30-year coma. It is impossible for him to understand the “new wisdom” of things such as the manner of smoking, sexual harassment, harassment from a place of power in a workplace. He blatantly defies modern rules and twists his buddy, Mochizuki Ryota, around. Then he learns that while he was in a deep slumber, his wife, Kanako, remarried his junior, Suzuki Makoto … …

Kubota Masataka as Mochizuki Ryota
A detective of Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct. A typical child of today who is good at the latest gadgets including the computer and smart phone. He ends up being made the partner of the maverick Kyogoku Kosuke. Furthermore, he finds himself having to live under the same roof. He gets pushed around by Kyogoku. Although he finds him a nuisance, he starts to grow up as he watches Kyogoku.

Sasaki Nozomi as Suzuki Yui
Kyogoku Kosuke’s biological daughter. Because he went into a coma when she was 2 years old, she has completely no memories of her biological father. She thinks of Suzuki Makoto, the man whom her mother remarried, as her actual father. A naive and unsophisticated person with inner fortitude and energy maybe because she has her father’s blood.

Kurokawa Tomoka as Kashiwagi Saori
A detective of Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct. A strong-minded, straightforward personality and has a black belt in aikido. She is initially taken aback by Kyogoku Kosuke’s sexual harassment, but finds amusement in the character of the daring and powerful Kyogoku and starts to recognise him as one of guys.

Tayama Ryosei as Kujira Masataka
The police chief of Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct. A senior detective to Kyogoku Kosuke. He has had a soft spot for the hot-blooded Kyogoku since 30 years ago. He recommends Kyogoku’s return to active duty and makes him partner Mochizuki Ryota. He is a carefree optimist.

Miyakawa Ichirota as Suzuki Makoto
The head of Yokohama Chuo Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. Kyogoku Kosuke’s former junior and current boss. Although 30 years ago, he was quiet guy who could not make it ahead and Kyogoku would make a fool of him. But now he is said to be a reliable boss. Even at home, he is a good husband and father. He is delighted that Kyogoku has come back to life. But at the same time, he finds it difficult to tell Kyogoku the truth about marrying Kanako.

Sano Shiro as Endo Yuji
Assistant Commissioner of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. 30 years ago, he was a senior detective partnered with Kyogoku Kosuke. Now he has moved up to the police headquarters. He is delighted about Kyogoku’s recovery and takes care of him one way or another.

Wakui Emi as Suzuki Kanako
Kyogoku Kosuke’s ex-wife. He was her high school senior and first love. They married at 18 and she gave birth to their daughter, Yui. Even after he went into a coma, she devoted herself to caring for him emotionally as well as physically. She remarried his junior, Suzuki Makoto, who had supported her, and has led a happy life since then. While she does not want her current life to be disrupted, she feels conflicted about that the husband she had once loved has come back to life again.

Sato Tomoharu (Jikoku Sensei Nube)

Original Work
Der letzte Bulle

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