Mousou Kanojo


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Saturdays, 11.40 p.m. – 12.05 a.m., from 23 May 2015

Fuji TV

28-year-old web writer, Takashima Keisuke, enjoys dates with his girlfriend Haru, and has been taking photographs of the two of them madly in love with each other and posting one photograph after another on social networking services. The two of them gradually move in and soon kiss. Keisuke also captures this moment on camera. However, passersby laugh derisively and stare at him with curiosity. This is because Keisuke has been taking the photographs alone with a long hair wig in his hand. His fantasy girlfriend “Haru” only exists in social networking services and is a product of his imagination. Keisuke took all the photographs of their “dates” alone. The editor Anzai Kohei watches Keisuke’s apparent satisfaction with the good photographs he has taken in amazement. He counsels him to get a real girlfriend. But Keisuke turns a deaf ear. On this day, Keisuke’s good friend, Kamakura Yuki, visits his house while he is taking lovey dovey shots with “Haru”. Yuki is similarly stunned, but does not seem to particularly mind his fantasy girlfriend. Keisuke has drinks with Anzai at a pub on the eve of his birthday. When asked about his ideal girlfriend, he starts to write about the preferred appearance and personality of his fantasy girlfriend. When he wakes up in his room the next morning, his “ideal girl” Haru is before him and she somehow behaves in the way that he fantasises. Keisuke gradually experiences a taste of romance. But is this situation imaginary? Or a reality?

Hirose Alice as Haru
Takashima Keisuke’s fantasy girlfriend who suddenly appears. She is just like the Haru whom he writes about in his fantasy date diary on social networking services. Beautiful and kind, she is the ideal girlfriend who will forgive him no matter what he does. Who exactly is she?

Asari Yosuke as Takashima Keisuke
A 28-year-old web writer who has never had a girlfriend. He posts photographs of his single dates on his personal website, Fantasy Girlfriend. It has even been published as a book. But its popularity has completely gone by. He gets flustered by the sudden appearance of his dream girl.

Kinami Haruka as Kamakura Yuki
Takashima Keisuke’s good friend whom he can say anything to without reservation. She shares his interests in manga and gaming. She has complicated feelings about his having a girlfriend.

Maruyama Tomomi as Ota Isamu
Takashima Keisuke’s work partner. The editor who published Keisuke’s “Fantasy Girlfriend” for him. Outside of work, he also takes care of Keisuke and gives him advice.

Suzuki Katsuhiro as Ito Takuma
Kamakura Yuki’s younger ex-boyfriend. A handsome guy who seems unsophisticated and earnest. He still has feelings for Yuki and makes advances at her.

#1: The Ideal Girlfriend Appears on Guy’s Fantasy Date
#2: The Perfect Girlfriend and the Ideal Date!?
#3: The Delusional Guy Finally Gets Married!?
#4: True Love!

Ono Toshiya (Flashback, Kekkon Dousoukai)

Original Work
Mousou Kanojo by Jinushi Keisuke‎

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