TV Asahi Drama Special 2015 ~ Iryu Sousa

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 17 May 2015
Scriptwriters: Oishi Tetsuya (Scapegoat, Keiji no Manazashi, Iryu Sousa Series), Ito Yoko (Answer)
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Saito Yuki, Masana Bokuzo, Mashima Hidekazu, Namioka Kazuki, Komoto Masahiro, Nishimura Masahiko, Miyake Yuji, Suzuki Fuku (guest star), Kitamura Yukiya (guest star), Ishibashi Renji
Synopsis: Detective Itomura Satoshi (Kamikawa Takaya) of Tsukishima Chuo Police Precinct happens to be elected to attend the 70th birthday party of the Minister Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Nagamine Taizo (Ishibashi Renji). He encounters Nagamine’s grandson, Kota (Suzuki Fuku), at the venue. The boy shows an interest in the black hero figurine that he has. At that point, a case occurs. Kota has gone to the toilet and vanished. Itomura desperately searches for him. So does the Nagamines chauffeur, Ishinose Makoto (Kitamura Yukiya). However, all that they find is a letter telling them that Kota has been kidnapped … … The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division immediately starts to investigate. Itomura, who had been at the party at the time the incident took place, also requests to take part in the investigation. Meanwhile, the kidnapper demands a 100 million yen ransom, but does not appear at the designated handover location at all for some reason or other. Then, a dead man’s body is discovered inside a suitcase in Tsukishima Chuo Police Precinct’s jurisdiction. At the same time, Kota’s kidnapping case begins to take an unexpected direction from one minute to the next. Who is the kidnapper and what is the motive? In the midst of the mystery, the existence of something strangely weighs on Itomura’s mind. It is the black hero figurine which Kota had called his talisman. Itomura starts his own independent investigation into the clues of the figurine which no one has taken notice of. He soon sees that this kidnapping case has several things in common with a gun robbery murder case that occurred seven years ago. The deep grief and love of the people involved in this case swirl deep down … …
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