Themis no Kyuukei


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Hirakawa Serina is an administrative officer at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Her father, Shozo, who used to be a police officer, was murdered. The person arrested is Sawanobori Kentaro, a delinquent youth whom her father had questioned on suspicion of car break-ins. He is also convicted. Serina respects the public prosecutor, Tajima Ryoji, who extracted a confession from Kentaro. Her days have been fulfilling now that she has been working with Tajima. But one day, the situation completely changes after Kentaro asserts his innocence and commits suicide in prison. Several days later, Tajima meets with Kuromiya, the lawyer who defended Kentaro in the case. Kuromiya hints at the presence of the real criminal. Kuromiya’s dead body is discovered not long after that. Surveillance cameras at the scene of the crime captured a blood-soaked Tajima. Suspicions about false charges in Serina’s father’s murder case emerges. Furthermore, Serina receives a phone call from a mysterious man who claims that Tajima whom she had trusted is a murderer. Serina is shocked and does not know what to believe.

Naka Riisa as Hirakawa Serina
A young administrative officer who aspires to be a public prosecutor and has also taken the bar exam. She is the right-hand man of a prosecutor and works together in the investigation of cases. Her father, a police officer, was murdered. She respects Tajima Ryoji, the public prosecutor who was in charge of her father’s case, and has been working under him. But one day, she receives a phone call that he is a murderous prosecutor. She lives with her younger sister, Honoka, a third-year high school student.

Takaoka Sousuke as Mizutani
A police sergeant of Shizuoka Prefectural Police’s Community Affairs Police Division. He had worked together with Hirakawa Serina’s late father, Shozo, and serves as a surrogate parent to Serina and Honoka. He is a person Serina can rely on.

Sugimoto Tetta as Takigawa Kaname
An ace public prosecutor brought in from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office as Tajima Ryoji’s successor. He is a man with a idiosyncrasy. He hates communicating with his colleagues, but is acknowledged as a first-rate public prosector. He accepts the lawyer’s murder case in which Tajima has become the suspect with Hirakawa Serina as his assistant.

Sera Masanori as Eitaro
The father of Sawanobori Kentaro who had been sentenced for the murder of Hirakawa Serina’s father, proclaimed his innocence and committed suicide. This time round, he believes in his son’s innocence. He runs a store for fittings.

Sato Jiro as Kuromiya Kazuhiko
Tajima Ryoji’s contemporary during legal apprenticeship. He was the defence lawyer for the accused Sawanobori Kentaro in Hirakawa Serina’s father’s murder case. He may have had evidence to prove Kentaro’s innocence and had been seeking a retrial, but … …

Kishitani Goro as Tajima Ryoji
The Public Prosecutor’s Office’s best ace who earned himself the nickname “wariya” for being good at pressuring a suspect into make a confession. He will never allow criminals to go free. He even extracted a confession from Sawanoboru Kentaro as the prosecutor in charge of Hirakawa Serina’s father’s murder case, but the possibility of a wrongful conviction emerges … …

Hisamatsu Shinichi (64, Kazoku Houtei)

Original Work
Themis no Kyuukei by Daimon Takeaki

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