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The Crime Victims Support Unit exists within each prefectural police. The job of the unit is to provide all sorts of information such as the progress of an investigation or trial, give advice as well as help out in the lives of victims, who have unwittingly ended up involved in crimes, and their family members. This work is not confined to specialised knowledge-based support, but covers a wide range from being there for scarred victims, assisting in funeral services to dealing with the mass media and arranging for taxis for moves. While unit members may visit a scene with investigators, they have not been empowered with the authority to investigate. However, Togakure Tetsuya, who was once a detective of the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division, has the conviction that what victims and their family want to know the most, is the truth. He would embark on his own informal investigations as an extension of the usual assistance, with the backing of Iwase Koichiro, the head of the Police Affairs Department, and guides cases to swift resolution. One day, a mass food poisoning outbreak occurs at the staff cafeteria of a popular apparel maker because of toxic mushrooms, and an employee, Fujikawa Masahiko, dies. Yoshizaki Hitomi, the head of the Crime Victims Support Unit, visits Fujikawa’s surviving family with Togakure. Shimizu Yasuhiro and other members of the team get into action to provide assistance to the other six infected employees. Fujikawa is divorced and his only family is his son, Shun, who is a high school student. Fujikawa had breathed his last in front of Shun. Hitomi is mindful of Shun’s state of mind as she starts to relay the details for support. However, Shun ends up learning about the possibility that this incident maybe an indiscriminate murder from the behaviour of the detectives, who have prioritised the investigation of the case. The agitated boy wants to kill the criminal. Togakure does not reproach Shun, but watches him intently. Then he promises the boy that he will find the culprit. All the victims belonged to the New Business Development Office. The head of human resources, Tsuboi Toshikazu, is always present at any interview with the members. The victims are naturally sensitive to his mood and claim that counselling is not necessary. In fact, five of them have gone against the doctor’s recommendation, left the hospital and gone back to work on the same day. Finding this odd, Togakure obtains permission for a special investigation from Iwase and immediately starts to probe the apparel maker in secret. It is not long before something peculiar about the company emerges. On the other hand, the president of a client company whom the First Investigative division had marked as a material witness, mysteriously falls to his death … …

Takahashi Katsunori as Togakure Tetsuya
The leader of Team Togakure in the Police Affairs Department’s Crime Victims Support Unit. He used to be an ace detective of the prefectural police’s First Investigative Division, but experienced a tragic incident in which his own family became a victim. He still asks himself now why he had something precious taken from him as he starts to listen to the voices of the “people left behind” who should be protected but whom the First Investigation Division tends to overlook.

Matsushita Yuki as Yoshizaki Hitomi
The head of the Police Affairs Department’s Crime Victims Support Unit at the Kyoto Prefectural Police. She is a qualified clinical psychologist and also a counsellor. Although she is not accustomed to the idiosyncratic members of Togakure Tetsuya’s newly established team, but she is exposed to new approaches which slowly brings about changes. On the other hand, her compassion also has an effect on Togakure and the members. Her flaw is the occasional moments when she gets too emotionally involved with people and loses control.

Omi Toshinori as Shimizu Yasuhiro
A member of Togakure Tetsuya’s team in the Crime Victims Support Unit. A man who is skilled at talking. He used to be a detective of the Second Investigative Division. He is cheerful and the life of the team.

Ishimaru Kenjiro as Kato Yoshihiro
The chief of the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. He hates the members of the Crime Victims Support Unit, who travel to crime scenes, for interfering with his investigations, but is coaxed by Iwase Koichiro, the head of the Police Affairs Department. He has no other interest besides arresting criminals.

Matsudaira Ken as Iwase Koichiro
The head of the Police Affairs Department at the Kyoto Prefectural Police. Because he is a good-natured old man whose might is not noticeable in public, he is often rumoured to be “as useless as a lantern in daytime” by the people around him. But in truth, he is a power broker who has employed cunning and deception in the prefectural police, and is the person responsible for setting up Togakure Tetsuya’s team in the department. He passionately loves the ancient capital of Kyoto and is a master of the tea ceremony, calligraphy and kendo.

Yoshimoto Masahiro (Kageri Yuku Natsu, Kabuka Bouraku)
Li Jonhi (Mayonaka Panya-san, Nageki no Bijo)

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