Nemurenu Shinju


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From 22 April 2015 (updated on Wednesdays)


45-year-old Uchida Sayoko is a popular and successful copper etching artist whose style is called “Kuro no Sayoko”. She and her work partner, Miura Takuji, an art dealer, run Gallery Macie. Sayoko has maintained an affair with the married Takuji and leads an independent life. Then one day, she meets Tokunaga Motoki at a cafe she frequents. 28-year-old Motoki has given up on his dream of being a movie director and works at the cafe. He offers to film a documentary on Sayoko. Their encounter changes Sayoko’s destiny. Intensely attracted to Motoki despite their 17-year age gap, she becomes aware of pure love and dumps Takuji. Romance with Motoki transforms the mature Sayoko into a vulnerable, sensitive young girl. The bliss of mutual love and the hint of their eventual parting wars within her. However, the appearance of a young, beautiful rival, Shiina Noa, who is Motoki’s ex-girlfriend and younger sister of his childhood friend, Seitaro, jolts Sayoko. She is soon confronted with the choice about his future, talent and the reality that he is 17 years younger … …

* Kurotani Tomoka as Uchida Sayoko
* Nakamura Aoi as Tokunaga Motoki
* Iura Arata as Miura Takuji
* Omasa Aya as Shiina Noa
* Wakaba Ryuya as Shiina Seitaro
* Yoshioka Riho as Fukuzaki Ayumi

Original Work
Nemurenu Shinju by Ishida Ira

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