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1608 (Keichou 13) was the year Tokugawa Ieyasu won the Battle of Sekigahara. Under Ieyasu’s reign the Uesugis had their vast 1,200,000 koku holdings in Aizu drastically curtailed to 300,000 koku in Yonezawa, Dewa Province. Many vassals give up on the future and leave the Uesugis. In the midst of this, Maeda Keiji continues to remain in Yonezawa and chooses to live with people trying to cope with difficult times. Over 60, he lives in a shabby, secluded hut and contemplates the “right time”. On the other hand, his son, Shinkuro, objects to him being fond of drinking and absorbed in cultural pursuits such as poetry, painting and calligraphy, and nothing like the brave general he is famed to be with the rumours of the Tokugawa plotting the demise of the Uesugis. However, Keiji “performs” when it comes to the crunch. Although he has considered retirement, he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect the Uesugis. Shinkuro is gradually fascinated by his magnanimity and his way of life. Keiji is in no hurry to hand over the reins of the family to Shinkuro. Furthermore, Keiji’s daughter, Sano, comes from the Maedas of Kaga to bring her father back and both Shinkuro and Sano are shocked to learn of the existence of a sibling for the first time. In the midst of this, Kitagawa Jiemon a wandering samurai who once fought with Keiji, challenges him to a duel.

Fuji Tatsuya as Maeda Keiji
After the Battle of Sekigahara, he concealed himself by behaving as the wildest man of the country instead of the famous, brave general that he is. A learned, refined man, he cooks his own meals and keeps being a nuisance to the people around him because of his fondness of drinking, but is not hated. As a person, he has a good knowledge of what is necessary and is the most dependable man here. Hoping for a world where people will not die, he attempts to teach his hot-blooded son, Shinkuro, what is truly important.

Nakamura Aoi as Maeda Shinkuro
Maeda Keiji’s only son. He has a diligent character. Although he can study, he is not good with swordplay. He is actually Ishida Mitsunari’s orphan. His personality is the exact opposite of Keiji’s wild behaviour. Like his peers around him, he is impatient to serve the Uesugis and rebels against his father who will not hand over the reins of the family. However, he soon comes to notice his father’s magnanimity and way of life.

Nishiuchi Mariya as Maeda Sano
Maeda Keiji’s daughter. She rushes from Kaga to bring her father back to Kanazawa. But because of his refusal, she remains by his side and waits for him to change his mind. She is shocked to learn of the existence of an elder brother, Shinkuro.

Kudo Asuka as Yasuda Katsunoshin
The heir of Yasuda Tsuginosuke, the treasurer of the Uesugis. A handsome young man with a strong sense of justice and skilled with the sword. He is very popular with females because he is delightful. He is in love with Maeda Sano.

Aoyama Noriko as Maeda Hana
Maeda Keiji’s daughter. Sano’s elder sister. She was disowned by her father for a reason.

Enami Kyoko as Maeda Mitsu
Maeda Keiji’s wife. She is a courageous woman who he cannot get the better of.

Tabata Tomoko as Take
A servant of Maeda Keiji’s family. She knows the secret of Maeda Shinkuro’s birth.

Mashima Hidekazu as Ishida Mitsunari
He fought Tokugawa Ieyasu who led the Western Army at the Battle of Sekigahara. He is Maeda Shinkuro’s biological father.

Fueki Yuko as Yukiyo
The beautiful, sensual proprietress of ‘Matsukawa’ the tavern which Maeda Keiji frequents.

Ibu Masato as Tentoku
The chief priest of temple. A Tokugawa spy sent with the objective of wiping out the Uesugis.

Komatsu Eriko (Tenchijin, Dondo Hare Series, Oishi Puropozu)

Original Work
Kabukimono Keiji by Hisaka Masashi

#1: Ishida Mitsunari’s Child
#2: Shinkuro’s Secret
#3: An Appeal to the Lord
#4: The Dandy’s Wife
#5: The Truth that Emerged from Rumours
#6: Family Ties
#7: The Looming Crisis
#8: Last-ditch Struggle
#9: I’m Mitsunari’s Child
#10: Shinkuro’s Resolve
#11: The Extremely Inconvenient One

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