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Hino Rintaro is a super psychiatrist who works for Keinan University Hospital. He does not use the latest equipment, but instead listens carefully to his patients troubles. He is able to get into the recesses of their minds and relieve them of lingering pain. Because he is a genius in his treatment methods and rehabilitation techniques, even the Chief Cabinet Secretary is his regular patient. He teaches at the university, has authored many books and even appears on TV as a commentator. There is a waiting list of more than two months to see him. Despite his achievements, Rintaro is deliberately passive about his own love under the notion, “Falling in love is just like a passing mental disorder.” His relationship with a surgeon in the same hospital, Mizushima Yuriko, his childhood friend who has taken care of him, is perhaps inappropriately called “significant other”. However, at a dinner with Ennoji Kazuo, the director of the university hospital, Rintaro meets Yumeno, a popular Shinbashi geisha. Little does he know that this encounter will drastically change his life when he is awakened to true love and has to confront an unexpected side to his own self. One day, Rintaro encounters a commotion over an attempt by office lady, Agawa Mayuko, to jump down from the rooftop. She is also one of those with mental illness in modern society.

Sakai Masato as Hino Rintaro
A psychiatrist who works at Keinan University Hospital. A kindhearted, capable doctor who also instructs students and housemen. He has saved many patients with his treatment method of getting as close as can be to the mind of the other person. He regards love as a “passing mental disorder” and adopts a cool attitude. He is single and lives with his pet dog.

Aoi Yu as Umeno
A highly sought after Shinbashi geisha. She usually has a curt manner, but once she enters a tatami room as a geisha, she charms men with her delightful charm and lovely dancing. She gets close to Hino Rintaro just for his money, but is suspected of an illness and becomes his patient.

Kichise Michiko as Mizushima Yuriko
A surgeon at Keinan University Hospital. Hino Rintaro’s childhood friend. A smart, well-accomplished woman. She understands Rintaro the most and has lived like a mother figure to him. They are rumoured to be lovers by the people around them.

Uchida Yuki as Kiryu Kaoru
A nurse at Keinan University Hospital. She has a cheerful personality and is always with a smile. She has faith in Hino Rintaro and respects him as a doctor. She is a single mother who is raising her son single-handedly.

Sakai Wakana as Nakahata Madoka
Hino Rintaro’s younger sister. She is married and has children. She works part-time and leads a down-to-earth life as a housewife.

Yo Kimiko as Masuda Ikumi
The proprietress of the geisha house which Yumeno is with. She is also a practicing geisha. She is like a mother figure to Yumeno and knows her past as well as her secret.

Nagatsuka Keishi as Miyagawa Takahiro
The head of Keinan University Hospital’s psychiatry department. A rival of Hino Rintaro. He often has disputes with Rintaro regarding medical papers and treatment methods.

Matsushige Yutaka as Hasumi Eisuke
The deputy director of Keinan University Hospital and head of the neurosurgery department. He acts cool in front of people, does not show a smile or voice his own opinions.

Takahata Atsuko as Aizawa Ruriko
A mysterious woman who follows Yumeno around for some reason and pesters her for money. She always has a young man in tow and loves gambling.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Ennoji Kazuo
The director of Keinan University Hospital. A wealthy man who runs various businesses besides the hospital. He summons Hino Rintaro to the university hospital in order to make him a well-known professor and develop the university.

#1: My Troubled Lambs! Now, Shall I Examine Your Minds?
#2: Love is Just Like A Passing Mental Disorder, That’s What I Thought
#3: The Midnight Domestic Violence Case that Occurred to A Couple Surrounded by Love!?
#4: The Psychiatrist who Dances and the Ballerina who Can’t Dance! Sudden Suspicions of Sexual Harassment!
#5: This is Love? Psychiatrist Takes a Gamble on a Girl with a Gambling Habit!?
#6: Where’s the Boundary Between Love and Hate? A Stalker Attack on the Psychiatrist
#7: The Miracle that Happened to the Impenetrable Youth? I’ll Protect My Mum!
#8: The White Tower Conspiracy! Ambitions and Determination of A Neurologist who has Lost His Sight
#9: A Serious Scandal?! On the Path to An Orchestrated Destruction!
#10: What’s the Most Important Thing? The Final Choice of One’s Life

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