Fubenna Benriya


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Saturdays, 12.12 – 12.52 a.m. from 11 April 2015

TV Tokyo

Young scriptwriter Takeyama Jun is headed for Furano by a highway express bus. He had left Tokyo in disgust after an argument with the director on the set over liberties taken with a scene that he had put all his feelings into. He had intended to go to Furano, where he recalls a leading scriptwriter who had once dropped out halfway through a drama series, lives. However, he is stranded in an obscure, rural Hokkaido town because of a snow blizzard. He gets off the bus and searches for lodging but cannot find one. After many twists and turns, Takeyama finally arrives at a pub. He is bewildered to receive a welcome, but ends up drinking until he loses his memory. The next morning, Takeyama wakes up in a tree house in the woods. This is the office of the odd job business run by Matsui Hideo and Umemoto Soichi, whom he had met at the pub that he stopped by. Takeyama learns that yesterday night’s welcome had arisen because of some misunderstanding. He wants to get to Furano without delay, but he has lost his memory together with his mobile phone and wallet. Now he has no choice but to stay in this town. One thing leads to another and he ends up being roped in to help clear the snow … …

Okada Masaki as Takeyama Jun
An up-and-coming scriptwriter who happens to possess an overly vivid imagination (wild delusions). Told to be practical in an argument with the director on the set over changes he had made to a scene in the script, he left Tokyo in disgust and came to Hokkaido. But he gets involved in a big misunderstanding.

Suzuki Kosuke as Matsui Hideo
The representative of Diamond Dust Odd Jobs Company. After he graduated from high school, he left this inconvenient rural town, which has nothing attractive about it, for Tokyo. However, he returned after repeated setbacks that were far from his ideals. He started a small odd job business on his own. His principle is to do anything if asked.

Endo Kenichi as Umemoto Soichi
A mysterious man who has been helping out as a handyman since two years ago. What is known is that he is thirce-divorced and has a son whom he has been separated from at a very young age. No one knows what he had been doing until then. He stays at the office.

#1: -10°C Frigid Hokkaido + Useless Humans x 3 Misunderstandings
#2: A Very Cold Abduction Request!? Serious Hokkaido Police vs Useless Humans x 3
#3: Rapid Approach of the Muscle Man!! The Good-looking Guy’s Impending Crisis
#4: Abominable Snowman Haunting!? The Desperate Pursuit!! The True Nature of the Thrice Divorced is Finally Seen
#5: Useless Humans x 3 Agonising Deaths!? The Match Girl’s Very Amazing True Identity
#6: Mobster vs Miso & Shoyu & Tonkotsu & Shio … Mortal Combat of The Best Ramen Army
#7: Business Closure Declaration! Very Cold, Useless Humans vs Femme Fatale Fiancee from Tokyo
#8: The Excavated Human Bone that Grew a Tail!? Whereabouts of the Useless Men who Started Talking about Mankind
#9: Mob Stalker vs Father with a Few Days Left to Live!? A Mysterious 25 years in Prison
#10: Sudden Farewell … Good-looking Guy Leaves Town!! Instinct vs The Lure of Susukino

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