Kokoro ga Pokkito ne


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Wednesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 8 April 2015

Fuji TV

Suffering from mental stress because he was overworked and pressured by the people around him, Kojima Haruta quit the large company he was working in. Losing both his home and wife, Shizuka, Kojima hit rock bottom. He was forced to live the life of a homeless man, but became a furniture restoration craftsman for Otake Shin, the owner of the antique furniture shop, Lio Bonito, through an unexpected turn of events. On this day, Kojima wakes up in a living space created in the corner of a warehouse for antique furniture. He listens to meditation, takes deep breaths, gets dressed and leaves. Arriving at Lio Bonito, an employee Itoyama Fumi, calls to him. Kojima is not good with Fumi who appears therapeutic but meddles in his affairs. The other employees are Tomita Ryo, who does not seem to think of anything, and an unmotivated Shoji Kayoko. At that same moment, Hayama Miyako pulls a suitcase and leaves an apartment. She curses as she goes down the stairs and kicks up items down the way. She soon arrives at her part-time job, but is informed that she has been fired by the store manager. Intuition strikes. When she looks around her, she sees a figure running away. Miyako glares in that direction. After work that evening, Kojima leaves the furniture shop and knocks on the door of Shirakami Mental Clinic, which had been on his mind for some time. Shirakami, the head of the clinic, greets him. Meanwhile, Kamoda Shizuka, a budding interior coordinator, prepares a perfect dinner and calls out to Otake who is watching sports on television. Despite a moment’s hesitation, Otake good-naturedly turns off the television and praises her food. A happy Shizuka takes photographs of the food and immediately posts them on her blog. Kojima finishes counselling, and takes notice of a huge cherry blossom tree in a park. Miyako is under that tree gazing at the cherry blossoms and Kojima gawks at the beauty of the scene. Then all of a sudden, Miyako starts to climb up the embankment. Makino Eriko comes running at breakneck speed. Kojima hears that there could be a strange female around here. Miyako, who has the disposition of a stalker and cannot see her surroundings when she is attracted to a guy, has a crush on a man whose name she does not even know. He is actually Otake, who happened to help her on the street. However, Otake has started dating the lovely and intelligent Shizuka. Shizuka is Kojima’s ex-wife, but she cannot bring herself to tell Otake. The four of them get into a bizarre love quadrangle and fall in love despite their respective worries and vulnerabilities.

Abe Sadao as Kojima Haruta
He works for the antique furniture store, Lío Bonito. He used to be with a large company, but fell mentally ill because of overwork and pressure from the people around him, and left the company. At the time, he suffered emotional turmoil and was even hard on his wife. In the end, they divorced. He has forbidden himself from falling in love, and now tries to get by with the bare minimum of conversation with anyone. He lost both his house and family, and was saved by antique furniture store owner, Otake Shin, when he was homeless. He is now in charge of furniture restoration at the store. He regulates his daily life to prevent himself from feeling stress and keep his heart constantly calm, rigidly observes the rules he has made for himself and holes up in his own world.

Mizuhara Kiko as Hayama Miyako
A 26-year-old who is out of work. When she is attracted to a guy, she would lose sight of her surroundings, end up getting completely absorbed in him and behave like a stalker. She used to be gainfully employed, but got into trouble with the police because of love and quit her company. She has little remaining money and has even been driven out of her apartment. Her only emotional support is the person whom she likes. He is the man who happened to help her when she was in need of assistance on the street. She is desperately in love with this man whom she does not even know and worships him as a god.

Fujiki Naohito as Otake Shin
The owner of the antique furniture store, Lío Bonito, where Kojima Haruta works. Good-looking, good-natured and a sportsman, he is an unbelievably pure and extremely good guy. His only trouble is his inability to worry. He has just started dating his ideal woman, Kamoda Shizuka, and things are going well. He was also the one who picked up a homeless Kojima. He would pick up people in trouble and discarded items on the streets. He is too meddlesome and occasionally even becomes a nuisance. But he cannot be blamed because he means no harm. He is, in fact, Hayama Miyako’s god.

Yamaguchi Tomoko as Kamoda Shizuka
A freelance interior coordinator. Otake Shin’s elegant, graceful, beautiful and intellectual girlfriend. But even she has a painful past. She is actually Kojima Haruta’s ex-wife and her real name is Keiko. When they were married, she was a devoted wife. However, at the same time, she would wonder if she should carry on like this. She does not know what true happiness is for herself and is not able to make up her mind. She has an unusually strong sense of self and cannot be satisfied with the present situation. If she is asked by her art college peers about design and art that is in the limelight, she would get irritated that she chose her husband when she has always had good sense. At that point, his state of mind became unhinged. She would get unreasonable abuse get everyday and they soon divorced. This experience makes her determined to change her life. She changes her name to Shizuka, starts to work and reinvents herself. She finally meets her ideal man, Otake Shin, and starts living together with him, but he is Haruta’s benefactor and employer … …

#1: Complications in Both Love and Life. This Love Quadrangle is Bothersome
#2: Isn’t This Life Too Tough? Where’s the Extremely Bothersome Love!
#3: Besides Being Bad At Love, What Will Become of the Exposed Ex Couple
#4: Don’t Be Alone … Breaking Down the Queer Relationship!
#5: Let’s Get Married! It’s Interesting Because Adults are Sick!
#6: Welcome, My Self!! The Double Kiss which Summons the Storm
#7: Farewell to a Love Full of Mistakes! The Reason for Tears
#8: In A Dilemma With the Appearance of Mothers, The Awakening of Love and Talk of Marriage!?
#9: An Improbable Decision!? Towards a Finale for The Love Quadrangle!
#10: The Eventual Conclusion to A Complicated Love! The Last Cry!

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