Anata ni Aitai


Official Website

20 March 2015


Ano Mika is an office lady who wanted to be an editor, but now works at a publishing company’s sales division. Both her job as well as love life are mediocre. One day, when Mika is on the verge of getting into an accident on the road, she is saved from being run down by a motorbike by her company’s security officer, Enokido Naoki. This results in her gradual attraction to him. However, Enokido still cannot forget his fiancee, Sayaka, who passed away two years ago. The desire to meet a person whom one has fallen in love with gives rise to a happy miracle.

* Uchiyama Rina as Ano Mika
* Okada Yoshinori as Enokido Naoki
* Asami Reina as Sayaka
* Nishimura Masahiko as Book rental store owner

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