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Eto Haru and Hayase Riichiro met through fate and got married four years ago. They were happy, but a sad incident led to their divorce after marriage of a mere one year and five months. Although they have been divorced for two year and a half years, Haru and Riichiro continue to be on good terms. They have a strange relationship in which the two of them would have dinner together on their wedding anniversary and sing duets at karaoke. But one night, they happen to meet at a restaurant and a trivial quarrel leads Riichiro to make the sudden, explosive statement, “I’ll find someone for you to remarry!” From then on, Haru introduces a new partner to Riichiro, thinking that the person will make him happy. Riichiro does the same for Haru. All sorts of candidates are introduced: the son of a distinguished family, a single mother, a university associate professor who is living apart from his wife, and a first love. At first, there is a slight clash of wills. And yet, the more the two of them take action, the more they get entangled in the threads of destiny. Each of them moves rapidly towards remarriage while turning a blind eye to the other’s romance. But what is their future … …?

Higa Manami as Eto Haru
She works at a sports gym. A sporty person with a strong sense of duty, she is great at her job and her instructions to students are easy to understand, but a good-for-nothing as a marriage partner. She is not good at having consideration for the feelings of others. In fact, she is timid and sensitive. Hayase Riichiro’s ex-wife. They were married for one year and five months and divorced for two and a half years. There is a sad reason why they got divorced in such a short time … …

Mitsushima Shinnosuke as Hayase Riichiro
Eto Haru’s ex-husband. A man who loves literature and works at a bookstore. Because he has a somewhat artistic temperament and is argumentative, he loves works that stimulate these feelings and hates all else. He thrives on recommending books that perfectly matches the mood of a customer. He has a fear of needles. Haru’s sarcasm hurts his feelings, but he feels empty inside when there is none.

Satsukawa Aimi as Ogasawara Kasumi
Eto Haru’s elementary school friend. A divorcee who has a daughter. She struggles with child rearing as a single mother and with her finances. But she tries hard to provide for her daughter. She gives full rein to her hunger for happiness and would rapidly approach men that catch her fancy. She meets Haru again at the sports gym and takes a romantic interest in Hayase Riichiro whom she is introduced to.

Fuchikami Yasushi as Nagatomi Shohei
He works at a wedding hall and was also in charge of the wedding ceremony for Eto Haru and Hayase Riichiro. He persuaded Riichiro who was hesitant about marriage. But in truth, he had fallen in love at first sight with Haru in her wedding gown at that time and secretly develops feelings for her. Learning that Riichiro and Haru have divorced, he confesses his feelings to Haru. Although he tries to behave like a man, his true nature is a young man from a well-to-do family.

Nakao Akiyoshi as Kaieda Mamoru
A gynecologist. Hayase Riichiro’s childhood friend and a person who understands him well. He pokes his nose into Riichiro’s business whenever he gets a chance. Because he is also friends with Eto Haru, at times he is caught in between and scolded by both. He keeps a fact regarding the reason for Haru and Riichiro’s divorce to himself but … …

Eguchi Noriko as Aramaki Sayuri
Eto Haru’s senior in university. She was a former wrestler. Now she works for a bicycle courier service and does work that is a test of physical strength. She is a person of few words, but does not waver in what she says. She appears to be Haru’s ally no matter where she goes, but … …

Ashina Sei as Oda Tamiko
Hayase Riichiro’s first love. She is now a cooking class teacher, and meets Riichiro again at a class reunion. She is a thoughtful, serene person. During high school days, she was a hurdler and also had an energetic side. Riichiro was the one who fell in love with her and got his heart broken all on his own, but … …

Sato Ryuta as Kitajima Ryuichi
He is getting intensive swimming lessons at Eto Haru’s gym because of his fear of water. Out of the water, he is an intelligent man who handles everything flawlessly. A university associate professor specialising in family sociology. He is married to a wealthy wife whose family subsidises his research expenses. He is interested in Haru.

#1: I’ve Divorced but Still Like the Person of My Destiny
#2: First Kiss After Divorce and the Female who Makes Roll Cabbage
#3: The Man I Kissed is a Hotel King? He Hugs Both His Daughter and Me
#4: Divorced Woman’s Shocking Words to New Partner’s Parents
#5: A Tearful but Happy Separation … Ex-Husband’s Special Kiss
#6: Love and Separation Swirl Around Shocking Confession! The First Love Appears
#7: One Night with That Man … A Meeting with Enraged Wife, First Love Rekindles
#8: Let’s Separate! Man Kneeling Prostrate Makes Shocking Remark, Estranged Wife …
#9: Entrusted with Divorce Papers … A Very Awkward Gathering of Everyone!
#10: Divorce Papers and a Proposal Guided by Lies … A Father’s Deep Love
#11: I Wish You Happiness … A Deep Love with Lies, Ex-Husband Heads Towards Marriage
#12: Marriage Papers Fly in the Air … The Day that Marks the End and the Beginning

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