Garasu no Ashi


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Saturdays, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 21 February 2015


Koda Setsuko is the wife of the owner of Hotel Royal, a love hotel which looks out on the Kushiro Marsh. Her husband Kiichiro is old enough to be her father. In fact, Kiichiro was a lover of Setsuko’s free-spirited mother, Fujishima Ritsuko, when Setsuko was a child. One morning, Setsuko takes breakfast with Kiichiro. Her interest is tanka poetry. Kiichiro sings a favourite poem to himself. He feels Setsuko’s sense of emptiness and weariness, and on the other hand the intense emotions coursing deep inside her, contained in that poem. She had recorded and published an anthology of poems called “Glass Reed” at his suggestion. That afternoon, while Setsuko is in bed with her lover, the consulting tax attorney Sawaki Masahiro, she receives word from the police that the car her husband had been driving has met with an accident. At the hospital, she is told by the doctor that he suffered serious brain injuries and has no hope of regaining consciousness. Then Setsuko runs into Ritsuko who has just arrived. Setsuko suffered abuse in her childhood and hates her mother fiercely. As Ritsuko proceeds to shout abuse at her, the darkness which Setsuko has repressed all this while, starts to overflow … …

Aibu Saki as Koda Setsuko
The wife of the owner of the love hotel, Hotel Royal. Her mother is her husband ex-lover. She lives, keeping her emotions in check, but she has fortitude. Her interest is tanka poetry.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Sawaki Masahiro
Hotel Royal’s tax consultant. He is Koda Setsuko’s former employer and is now having an affair with her.

Okuda Eiji as Koda Kiichiro
The owner of Hotel Royal. Koda Setsuko’s husband. His previous two marriages failed and Setsuko is his third wife. He is cheerful, does not worry about small details and has a free spirit. His interest is opera watching.

Nakamura Yuri as Sano Rinko
Koda Setsuko’s singing buddy. She puts on the act of having a happy family. But her husband, Wataru, has failed in his business and has a huge debt.

Morikawa Aoi as Koda Kozue
The daughter of Koda Kiichiro’s second wife. She has been leading a dissolute life, but is actually gentle.

Takigawa Yumi as Fujishima Ritsuko
Koda Setsuko’s mother. She runs a bar called Babiana. She is uninhibited and flashy.

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