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Three 13-year-olds murder Shoko, the wife of cafe manager, Hiyama Takashi. Their motive is money. The detectives cannot hold them criminally responsible because they are protected by the Juvenile Law due to their age. On the other hand, Hiyama and his mother-in-law, Sumiko, are hounded by the mass media and everything about their lives are exposed. Four years go by. Ignoring the warnings of his daughter’s nursery school teacher, Hayakawa Miyuki, and cafe employee, Fukui, Hiyama privately starts to look into the outcome of the “rehabilitation” and “current situations” of the youth who have returned to society. But right after that, the youths are attacked one after another and one of them is killed. Detectives come to visit Hiyama, who had said to the mass media “If the state cannot punish the criminals, I want to kill them!” right after his wife’s murderers were discovered. He is their prime suspect. Hiyama searches for the truth of the youths’ motive while facing attacks from the police, a human rights lawyer and a journalist. What emerges is his wife’s unexpectedly dark past and several traps which lie behind the case … … The truth that was hidden by the Juvenile Law is laid bare. And then the story heads towards a jarring conclusion as it questions what is right and wrong.

Koide Keisuke as Hiyama Takashi
The manager and owner of a cafe. His wife, Shoko, was killed by three junior high school students. He is raising their 4-year-old daughter on his own.

Kurashina Kana as Hayakawa Miyuki
A teacher at the nursery school which Hiyama Manami attends. She and Shoko are friends from junior high school days.

Fujimoto Izumi as Hiyama Shoko
Hiyama Takashi’s wife. She was murdered by youths while protecting their five-month-old daughter, Manami.

Chiba Yudai as Fukui
The cafe’s assistant manager. He has been working in Tokyo ever since he came to the metropolis for his university entrance exams. He helps Hiyama Takashi personally and professionally.

Murakami Nijiro as Teen C
One of the three youth who murdered Hiyama Shoko. He gets outstanding academic results in school and was even Teen A’s errand boy. He is the one who received the lightest probation among the three of them.

Kitamura Takumi as Teen B
One of the three youth who murdered Hiyama Shoko. He was sent to a juvenile training and education facility. After leaving the facility, he has been attending high school evening classes while working at a printing factory.

Shimizu Hiroya as Teen A
One of the three youth who murdered Hiyama Shoko. He was regarded as the main culprit because of his ferocity everyday and was sent to a juvenile training and education facility. He had a history with the police of shoplifting extortion before the murder.

Wada Masato as Lawyer
The chaperon of the youths. He could not go to high school due to some circumstances. He is fresh out from the faculty of law of a national university.

Tezuka Toru as Inspector Saegusa
A detective of Saitama Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division. He has been keeping track of Hiyama Takashi because of Shoko’s case.

Lasalle Ishii as Non-fiction writer
He pursues Hiyama Shoko’s case and loiters around Hiyama Takashi for a solid reason.

Wakamura Mayumi as Sumire
Hiyama Shoko’s mother. She did not oppose her daughter’s marriage, but has a secret which she can never tell Hiyama Takashi.

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Onishi Kenichi (Bonkura, Iryu Sousa Series, Rinjo Series)

Original Work
Tenshi no Knife by Yakumaru Gaku

#1: The Crime
#2: Rehabilitation
#3: Punishment
#4: The Confession
#5: Penance

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