Kaiki Renai Sakusen


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Saturdays, 12.12 – 12.54 p.m. from 10 January 2015

TV Tokyo

Keshizaki Natsumi, Akiko and Fuyu are close sisters around the age of 40. Dreaming of becoming a cafe owner, Natsumi resigns from her company. When she goes to the site where she is to open the cafe, there is already a mysterious store called ‘Cafe Omokage’. Akiko, a music teacher at a part-time high school, has her feelings toyed by her students. Fuyu, a self-professed actress, strives at a part-time job every day while aspiring to become a movie star. But she has a dispute with her boss and ends up getting sacked … … As if to make matters worse when they are already having a hard time, the Keshizaki sisters find themselves caught in all sorts of bizarre phenomenon such as an artificial human, a vampire and a monster. Natsumi’s childhood friend, the detective Sankaido Noboru, and his junior, Kanashibetsu, get involved and bigger disaster happens. Meanwhile, a man who should have been sentenced to death attacks a jewellery store. Despite gunshots from a patrol officer who rushed to the scene, he is completely unaffected and disappears into a street … ….

Aso Kumiko as Keshizaki Natsumi
A 37-year-old who dreams of being a cafe owner. She resigns from her company and puts her savings into buying a shop. However, she is conned. In the place where the cafe which she should have been the owner of is the mysterious ‘Cafe Omokage’. She ends up working there part-time. She has no boyfriend. But she has some feelings for her childhood friend, the detective Sankaido Noboru, although she quarrels with him too.

Sakai Maki as Keshizaki Akiko
A 38-year-old who works as music teacher at a private evening high school as she waits for her Prince Charming to appear. However, her feminine feelings are toyed with by her students because of her pure personality, and nothing goes right for her everyday.

Ogawa Tamaki as Keshizaki Fuyu
A 38-year-old self-proclaimed actress who has a boyfriend. She aspires to be a movie star like Sugimura Haruko as she devotes herself to acting. On the other hand, she moves between a tremendous number of part-time jobs.

Nakamura Toru as Sankaido Noboru
Keshizaki Natsumi’s childhood friend. A 40-year-old naive detective who is prone to making silly mistakes. His girlfriend is Moeka who part-times at Cafe Omokage, but their relationship is platonic.

Okura Koji as Kanashibetsu
A detective who is Sankaido Noboru’s partner. He falls in love at first sight with Keshizaki Akiko, and has aggressively gone on the attack, but does not seem to be taken very seriously.

Mizusawa Shingo as Kabita
Keshizaki Fuyu’s former colleague. Fuyu thinks that she his girlfriend. However, he finds her advances annoying. He is twisted at heart, but does not appear to be a bad guy.

Konno Ayuri as Moeka
A part-time staff at Cafe Omokage and a modern girl. She is dating Sankaido Noboru for no special reason, but thinks of him as a good older brother and does not really see him as a man.

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2 Responses to Kaiki Renai Sakusen

  1. rootabega says:

    Keralino Sandorovich is channeling the Three Stooges and Miki Satoshi in glorious black and white.

  2. Rootabega says:

    Ehh, it’s in colour, but it’s still brilliant!

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