Hamon (Yakubyougami Series)


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Fridays, 9.00 – 10.00 p.m. from 9 January 2015

BS Sky Perfect

29-year-old Ninomiya Hiroyuki is a construction consultant who has set up a small office in Osaka’s Nishi Shinsaibashi. Although his title is construction consultant, he is actually a broker who uses other yakuza like the Kobe organised crime group, Nichoukai, to suppress yakuza that come to threaten and disturb construction sites. After the Act for the Prevention of Wrongful Acts by Members of Organised Crime Groups went into force, the number of such cases have dropped. Ninomiya’s life has suffered and he even has to dabble in consumer finance. He is not particularly smart, good at fights or fashionable. He is just an ordinary guy. One day, Ninomiya gets a phone call from Inada Kozo, the president of Inada Nippon Construction. The company’s Furukawabashi construction site is being harassed by Osawa Engineering which wants to be its subcontractor. Ninomiya makes the acquaintance of Kuwahara Yasuhiko, a member of Nichoukai, while dealing with this problem. The fashion-conscious Kuwahara has not only one of the best sense of smell and quick wits when it comes to money, but also physical strength in Kansai. His specialty is debt collection and bankruptcy liquidation. Because of that, he is familiar with the law too. Teaming up in the most jinxed combination in history to take on Hashimoto Takeo, the head of a water supply association who seems to hold the key to the development of an industrial waste disposal facility, Kuwahara and Ninomiya run riot with villains that flock to the scent of money. Ninomiya gets embroiled in all sorts of trouble because Kuwahara has no qualms placing him in danger in order to perform his duties. Although Ninomiya hates Kuwahara’s guts, he unintentionally ends up saving him and relying on him at crucial moments … …

* Kitamura Kazuki as Kuwahara Yasuhiko
* Hamada Gaku as Ninomiya Hiroyuki
* Yamashita Rio as Watanabe Yuki
* Makita Tetsuya as Sasaki Setsuo
* Kuno Akiko as Ninomiya Etsuko
* Kubo Akira as Ninomiya Takayuki
* Kinoshita Houka as Koshimizu Takao
* Nakamura Yuri as Nishimura Tsugumi
* Miyaji Mao as Manabe Emi
* Okada Koki as Hashimoto Takeo
* Nozoe Yoshihiro as Inada Kozo
* Yabe Kyosuke as Harada Isamu
* Kamio Yu as Miyamoto Masateru
* Shukugawa Atom as Kuraishi Masahiko
* Nagasawa Toshiya as Mizutani Hitoshi
* Kawaoka Daijiro as Miyoshi Shigeo
* Tsurumi Shingo as Shimada Kazuo
* Akai Hidekazu as Kobatake Ichizo
* Dan Jiro as Kanda Tokuhisa

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