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“There are a series of crossroads in life … but at that time, I wasn’t aware of anything. I remained oblivious. Then all of a sudden, I was face with the outcome.” In the past six months, Nagata Kazuo has been told that he is being laid off, he has received divorce papers from his wife Miyoko, while their son Hiroki has failed his junior high school entrance exam and will not stop violence at home. And in Kazuo’s heart, he is still at odds with his father, Tadao, who has end-stage cancer. Father and son are unable to reconcile right to the very end. with a wife who has left home, a son who is broken and a father near death, Kazuo keeps asking himself “How did it come to this?” over and over again. He had always wanted to be a good father unlike his father. As Kazuo sits on a bench in front of a train station wondering where he has gone wrong and thinking that he is better off dying, a wine-coloured wagon suddenly appears. The person driving it is Hashimoto Yoshiaki who should have died five years ago. His son Kenta riding with him should be dead too. Kazuo boards this mysterious wagon as if he were drawn inside. In the course of going round to important places of the past, he starts to understand how things went wrong with his wife and son. The graphic reality agitates and chafes at him. Returning to Ueno Station of one year ago, a scene which is still fresh in Kazuo’s mind plays back. It is of his wife walking with a young man. Then a disconcerted Kazuo is joined by Tadao, who is the same age as him this time, and they end up travelling together. Tadao, whom Kazuo is supposed to abhor is neither his actual father nor friend, but lives next door as a close friend who is practically family. This starts to put many things in context for Kazuo although he gets pushed around by Tadao … …

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Nagata Kazuo
He is laid off by the electronics manufacturer he had worked at one year ago, his son has turned to violence toward the family after failing his entrance exams and even his wife, Miyoko, has left home. Because he detests his haughty father, Tadao, they have been estranged for several years. When he is in despair about where he went wrong, he gets talked into boarding Hashimoto’s wagon and sets out on a journey into the past together with his father who is of the same age.

Kagawa Teruyuki as Nagata Tadao
Nagata Kazuo’s father. His favourite phrase is, “We’re comrades”. He is hot-blooded, strict with himself and others, and the typical domineering husband. Because of his stubborn and overbearing character, he approves of winning everything by force and going on to the next round. He cannot forgive Kazuo for not taking over his work. He falls ill without being able to be upfront about his feelings. But deep in his heart he worries about Kazuo. He now appears before him as “Chu-san”.

Igawa Haruka as Nagata Miyoko
Nagata Kazuo’s wife. She has been living a happy married life and did not appear discontented, but she started to lie to Kazuo from some point. She leaves home after their son, Hiroki, failed his entrance exams and became violent. She sends the divorce papers without telling her husband about this reason.

Ichikawa Miwako as Nagata Tomoko
Nagata Kazuo’s younger sister. She remained in their hometown of Tomonoura and has been looking after their mother, Sumie and father, Tadao.

Machida Keita as Koga
A mysterious man whom Nagata Miyoko has been meeting outside behind Kazuo’s back.

Yokoyama Kota as Nagata Hiroki
The only son of Nagata Kazuo and Miyoko. He originally had many friends and a cheerful personality, but because he got too absorbed in studying for the entrance exams that he ignored his friends, the friendships have changed drastically. He failed the junior high school entrance exams and has no choice but to enroll at a public junior high school. He becomes the target of bullying by friends due to the gulf between them as a result of the entrance exams. After that, he shuts himself up at home and loses his temper to the extent of getting violent at home.

Watanabe Makiko/Baisho Mitsuko as Nagata Sumie
Nagata Tadao’s wife and the mother of Kazuo and Tomoko. She is graceful and serene, but has fortitude. Despite being thrown into a confusion by her husband, she would end up firmly expressing her opinions and supporting him from behind the scenes. She is a kind, compassionate woman.

Yoshioka Hidetaka as Hashimoto Yoshiaki
A ghost with an essentially cheerful, positive personality. However, he feels very regretful that his son, Kenta, lost his life. When he was alive, Kenta would not open up to him so he made a firm resolution to obtain a driving license after Kenta said that he wanted to go on a drive. But on their first drive, they met with an accident and he ended up dying together with Kenta. He fervently wishes that Kenta will rest in peace.

Takagi Serai as Hashimoto Kenta
Hashimoto Yoshiaki’s son. An intelligent youth with a sunny disposiiton, he manipulates the bewildered Nagata Kazuo and Tadao. When he was alive, he rebelled against his father. He opened up after death and they have become friends. He is still attached to his mother who cannot accept his death.

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