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Tono Risa, Japan’s leading female writer, attends an award presentation ceremony for new writers as a member of the selection committee. She is the focal point of the event, which is organised by major publishing firm, Shunpo Co. The editors Oda Hayato and Tsukada Manami as well as deputy chief editor Tsubota Tomoyuki frantically give a boost to Risa, who does not seem to be very interested. Regarded as a gifted writer, Risa has already made a name for herself in her 30s. But behind that acclaim, she privately agonises that she is at the end of the road. She has a writer’s block. In a room at the publishing firm around the same time, Shunpo’s chief editor Kanzaki Yuji makes a presentation on the film adaptation of a book which Risa is going to write, to managing director, Torikai Masayoshi, and the other members of the board of directors. All ten of Risa’s books, which were made into movies in the last 7 years, were big hits. Some books even sold 3 million paperback copies. On the other hand, Kawahara Yuki is a young woman in her 20s who enthusiastically came to Tokyo with the dream of becoming a writer. She kept participating in many writers awards in the past one year, but was always unsuccessful. She makes a promise to herself return to her hometown and marry her fiance. Although that is what she is supposed to do, she still cannot give up. She takes the remaining manuscript with her and visits Shunpo Co, thinking that she will resign herself to the situation if a professional editor tells her that she has no talent. However, it is rejected at the front desk. Oda, who has been struggling to find an assistant for Risa, happens to hear Yuki’s exchange with the receptionist and calls out to her. Unexpectedly offered a position as the assistant of the writer she admires, Yuki wavers. This is about to be a big turning point in her life. So too for Risa … … Yuki decides to be Risa’s assistant in exchange for the acceptance of her manuscript. The two of them start off as master and apprentice, but the situation rapidly changes. Tired of her title as a genius and unable to confide in anyone that she has exhausted her own ability, Risa entrusts Yuki with being her ghost writer. Risa gets distressed about pretending to be someone she is not in the shadows of her glittering career, but continues to act the way the people think of her. The talented Yuki finds the admiration she should have for Risa, transform into bitter animosity. Oda, who took Yuki’s manuscript and casually starts to read it, discovers her talent. He becomes the one who understands Yuki the most, and struggles in his attempt to make her stop being Risa’s ghost writer and debut as an novelist.

Nakatani Miki as Tono Risa
An intelligent and beautiful novelist. She has status and fame, but lately she feels that she has hit a writer’s block. However, she cannot confide in anyone and lives in fear every day. The pressure of the expectations from the people around her and approaching deadlines has become heavy. She makes the acquaintance of Kawahara Yuki and soon gets involved in ghost writing.

Mizukawa Asami as Kawahara Yuki
Although she had a job in her hometown of Nagano, she could not give up her dream of becoming a novelist and resigned to go to Tokyo. She delayed her marriage to her hometown fiance, Ozaki Hiroyasu, and applied for many writers awards within her one-year time limit. However, she was not successful. Her visit to major publishing firm, Shunpo Co, is her last hope. Her destiny starts to go awry because of her encounter with Tono Risa.

Miura Shohei as Oda Hayato
A rookie editor who is in charge of Shunpo Co’s literature magazine. He happens to meet Kawahara Yuki, who came clinging to her last hope, and invites her to be Tono Risa’s assistant. He is the first person to discover Yuki’s talent and understands her the most.

Takasugi Mahiro as Tono Daiki
Tono Risa’s son. He rebels against her on everything. He frequently cases trouble at school because of his smart but deviant way of doing things. Risa’s relationship with her mother casts a shadow on her relationship with him.

Kimura Midoriko as Taura Misuzu
Tono Risa’s secretary. She has superb management skills. Her adoration of Risa is a projection of her own self deep inside, and she sometimes displays a seemingly maniacal love for her.

Enami Kyoko as Tono Motoko
Tono Risa’s mother. Her husband died when Risa was young. She worked as a teacher while she brought up Risa and loved her with all her heart. However, she only tried to mould Risa into her ideal daughter. She is suffering from dementia now.

Koyanagi Tomo as Ozaki Hiroyasu
Kawahara Yuki’s fiance and former high school classmate from her hometown of Nagano. He works for a local company. He is anxiously looking forward to marriage to Yuki who went to Tokyo with the promise of returning after a year if she did not fulfil her dream of becoming a novelist.

Ishibashi Ryo as Torikai Masayoshi
The managing director of Shunpo Co, one of four big publishing companies. The most powerful man in the company, he is in overall control of the literature and sales departments; two sections which are the heart of the company.

Tanaka Tetsushi as Kanzaki Yuji
Shunpo Co’s chief editor. He carefully considers the use-by date of Tono Risa who has passed her peak as a writer and the value of Kawahara Yuki’s talent. He aims to become the youngest director by all means possible

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