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Haruna Tsubame, a second-year high school student, lives with her grandfather, Tokujiro. Because the high school she had been attending was closed two months ago and she transferred to Meiran Academy, the prestigious private high school which the children of celebrities go to. Meiran Academy conducts a project which takes in students of schools that have shut down for a variety of reasons, without charge. However, wealthy, glamorous students called “Platina 8” reign over Meiran Academy. They control the school and students given special admission like Tsubame are despised by the others. One day, Tsubame is informed by the vice principal, Kintoki Hirao, in front of the whole school that she has been elected the new student council president. This sudden event shocks Tsubame who is sensitive to the moods of the other students because of their different positions. She had been intending to lead a peaceful school life, but had been forced by the class which needed to send a candidate for the student council election. The members of Platina 8 schemed so that she would be chosen in the election. Thrust into the role of student council president, Tsubame immediately puts together volunteer activities at a home for the elderly. But the Platina 8 play around all the time and push the work to her. A mysterious young man appears in front of an overwhelmed Tsubame. “Do you want me to grant a wish?” He cryptically asks as if he can read her thoughts. The next day, the director of the home which Tsubame and the students visited storms in with a complaint. Photos of some student volunteers playing on a stretcher used to convey the home’s residents have appeared on the internet. Wanting to protect the school’s image, Kintoki orders Tsubame to find the prankster. The name Yumori Tetsuo is raised in a short time. He admits that he did it, and his expulsion is arranged. However, Tsubame does not believe this is something that the serious Yumori would have done. He looks like he was set up as the culprit by the Platina 8. Tsubame uncovers the truth and tries to save Yumori, but what she sees is a ridiculous world where students, teachers as well as parents are rotten. There is nothing she can do. Then, the mysterious young man shows up again. He is Shizukui Satoshi, a genius speechwriter who is good with words. Tsubame’s encounter with him inspires her decision to race up to the top from the bottom of the school caste. Shizukui imparts speech techniques to her as a weapon in her struggle to change a school full of irrationality and dissatisfaction.

Hirose Suzu as Haruna Tsubame
A high school student who upholds discipline and harmony in her attempt to get through her days uneventfully. After she becomes the student council president, she realises a number of school problems and develops a desire to change this world.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Shizukui Satoshi
A mysterious young man who is rumoured to be a psychopath and stalker because he lives on top of a hill near Meiran Academy and is always looking at the students. He is actually a legendary speechwriter. He gets acquainted with Haruna Tsubame quite by chance and imparts speech techniques to her as a weapon so that she can start a revolution in the “rotten school”.

Ishibashi Anna as Aso Minami
A student who reigns as the queen and creates the “atmosphere” for the students of Meiran Academy. Although she has a frosty personality, the students around her naturally clock her mood because of her sure presence. She hates disturbance of the the atmosphere the most.

Sugisaki Hana as Koda Mimori
A shrewd student who is skilled at manipulating the opinions of Meiran Academy’s females. She is the most notorious person and virtually controls the atmosphere in the school. She hates being mocked by people.

Izumiya Shigeru as Tokujiro
Haruna Tsubame’s grandfather. He lives with her. He is pushing 60 and has a bad back, but energetically runs a grocery shop.

Namase Katsuhisa as Kintoki Hirao
The vice principal of Meiran Academy. He practically rules the school and has catapulted it to great fame with radical management and education. He has complete control over the supervision of student activities. On the other hand, he has greedy thoughts.

Asano Atsuko as Honda Mitsuko
The director and principal of Meiran Academy. She leaves internal school affairs to her vice principal, Kintoki Hirao and works to raise the standing and reputation of the school. She is revered by the students and teachers because of her graceful appearance and way of speaking.

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