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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 8 January 2015

TV Asahi

Dogami Tamaki, the director of Dogami General Hospital, entrusts her nephew and successor, the surgeon Moriyama Suguru, with the role of acting director and sets off to travel around the world on a luxury liner. Unaccustomed to the work of a hospital director, Moriyama flounders. And yet he gets increasingly carried away and behaves outrageously within the hospital. Meanwhile, a hospital patient, Hirabayashi Fumie, has been complaining about a sluggishness of her whole body and pain in the right shoulder. The results of a thorough examination indicate that she has developed angiosarcoma of the liver, a type of malignant tumour. If nothing is done, she will live for an average of six months. The surgeon Sagara Kosuke decides that immediate surgery is necessary, but determines that it will be difficult to pull off the surgery on his own. He asks Moriyama to authorise the surgery and for support from all surgeons. However, Moriyama dismisses his request because the risk is high. Sagara gives encouragement to an anxious Fumie. At the same time, he gets Shibuya Shoko, a medical representative of drug company SI, to obtain the contact of Tanabe, a former House of Representative member of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. What is Sagara’s scheme?

Sawamura Ikki as Sagara Kosuke
A talented surgeon who works for Dogami General Hospital. He has pulled off many difficult surgeries with brilliant technique. Seeing the hospital staff’s low professionalism, he patiently continues in his efforts to change their way of thinking in order to transform Dogami General Hospital into the best hospital in Japan. He understands how to coerce, flatter, win over, threaten and persuade people. He loves sweets and is popular with patients because he is friendly and always has a smile on his face. He now works a regular schedule and concurrently teaches young doctors at Saito University Hospital as a lecturer.

Takashima Masanobu as Moriyama Suguru
A surgeon at Dogami General Hospital and nephew of the hospital director, Dogami Tamaki. The official successor of Dogami General Hospital. Because of that, most of the surgeons are followers. He has a sure hand as a surgeon. But if he makes a mistake, he will not admit his fault because of his pride and excessive self-confidence. Even his aunt has a tough time with him. While he acknowledges Sagara Kosuke’s ability as a surgeon, he cannot accept him for who he is and is antagonistic towards him at every turn because their way of doing things are different. Now that he has been appointed acting director, his arrogance is about to get out of hand.

Higa Manami as Miyabe Sachi
A nurse at Saito University Hospital. She previously worked for Dogami General Hospital. Once described by Sagara Kosuke as a nurse who is worst at her job, she greatly resented him because of that. However, she slowly recalls her original aspirations as a nurse through his effort to change the way of thinking of the hospital staff, and comes to understand how patients feel. Seeking to improve her skills, she works at Saito University Hospital as a surgical nurse and returns to Dogami General Hospital after that.

Takizawa Saori as Shibuya Shoko
A medical representative of SI Pharmaceuticals. In order to sell her products, she uses her network of contacts to provide help to Sagara Kosuke. She also provides information to Moriyama Suguru with the same objective.

Saito Yoichiro as Senju Yoshio
An anesthetist who works for Dogami General Hospital. He is a member of Team Moriyama. A person whose philosophy is to have as easy a life as possible, he has started to open his eyes to taking pride in being an anesthetist.

Asari Yosuke as Seto Akira
A doctor who is a native of Akita Prefecture. He is doing the later stage of his housemanship at Dogami General Hospital. He was a houseman at Joso University Hospital until last year. He admires Sagara Kosuke.

Ono Takehiko as Momoi Shoichi
The general manager of Dogami General Hospital. He scouted Sagara Kosuke in order to get the hospital out of deficit. He is often at the mercy of Sagara and Moriyama Suguru.

Ito Ran as Minagawa Kazue
A physician at Dogami General Hospital, and a single mother of a high school kid. She and the hospital director, Dogami Tamaki, are old friends. She is one of the few conscientious doctors among personnel who lack a sense of professionalism. She is in charge of the new general diagnosis and treatment department which was established at Sagara Kosuke’s suggestion, and also understands Sagara well.

Nogiwa Yoko as Dogami Tamaki
The director of Dogami General Hospital. Although she is always agonising about the hospital’s management, she believes it is about time to entrust the hospital to her nephew Moriyama Suguru since its finances have stabilised owing to Sagara Kosuke. She has a tough time with Moriyama’s brash self-confidence.

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