TV Tokyo Drama Special 2014 ~ Tokyo Sentimental

Date: From 11.00 p.m., 30 December 2014
Cast: Yoshida Kotaro, Takahata Mitsuki, Katagiri Jin, Takaoka Saki (guest star), Kurokawa Mei (guest star)
Synopsis: The son of the owner of a traditional Japanese confectionery shop ‘Kururiya’ in Tokyo’s Kototoibashi, Kururi Takuzo (Yoshida Kotaro) was born and raised in Tokyo. He received strict lessons from his father, who was the second generation owner and a man with an old-fashioned way of thinking. Although Takuzo’s skills in making the shop’s signature dango have surpassed his father’s, he is a thrice-divorced man. Now at the age of 55, he leads a carefree life. His hobby is to go for walks in town with the antique single-lens reflex camera that his father bought for him when he was a child. He would capture the scenery of the good old-fashioned Tokyo which may change someday. Takuzo meets the beautiful Shitara Yasuko (Takaoka Saki), a woman he once secretly fancied, every now and then. She suddenly disappeared 10 years ago, but has now appeared in front of him again. Rumour has it that she married an entrepreneur. Called out for the first time in 10 years, Takuzo feels a mixture of emotions as he takes a walk with Yasuko near Yanaka’s famous Himalayan cedar tree. She is still as beautiful as ever and he becomes conscious of her sensuality. After that, he savours the nostalgia at a cafe which they once went inside together. Then they talk over delicious food and alcohol, and the distance between the two of them slowly shrinks. But … …
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1 Response to TV Tokyo Drama Special 2014 ~ Tokyo Sentimental

  1. rootabega says:

    TV Tokyo is on a roll. This dorama is especially relevant in light of the impending Tokyo Olympics. A lot of old neighbourhoods were shown the business end of a bulldozer before Tokyo’s first Olympics, and this time around is shaping up to be the same, sadly.

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