ST ~ Aka to Shiro no Sousa File Movie


In theatres on 10 January 2015

Official Website

The Scientific Taskforce, or ST for short, is a special agency in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It scores AAA for ability but is made up of troublemaking misfits. The leader of ST is forensic specialist Akagi Samon who knows all about forensic science, but is an arrogant and very haughty fellow. Then there is Yurine Tomohisa who has been put in charge of managing the ST. Although he is a career inspector, he gets pushed around by the members every day. The ST has overcome these troubles and solved a number of difficult cases, but there are also some within the police organisation that regard the agency as a burden and the ST’s existence is constantly in peril. Meanwhile, Yurine’s transfer has been decided. His departure from the ST is in three days. At that moment, there is a sudden prison break because of a genius hacker. However the burned body of the criminal, Kaburaki Toru, is discovered. Akagi is arrested as a murder suspect. Admitting his guilt, Akagi says, “Kaburaki did something unforgivable.” The ST is disbanded in the absence of its leader and with the true meaning of those words still not known. Meanwhile, Akagi suddenly escapes from the detention centre. The police call up the members of the ST for a manhunt. Despite the irony of the situation, the ST is resurrected in order to capture Akagi. This is the moment that the best team becomes the greatest enemy. The drama between Akagi and the ST begins. Even Yurine who believes in Akagi’s innocence joins the search and realises that the key to the case is a computer virus called ‘Fugin’ which extracts information from infected computers. He arrives at the mysterious female, Dojima Naomi, who knows the situation, but she has already been kidnapped by someone who is one step ahead. Naomi’s daughter, Tsubaki, was left behind. Then Akagi shows up. Yurine and Akagi pursue the case as the police’s net is laid. Can Yurine find out the truth about Akagi? What is the real criminal’s target?

* Fujiwara Tatsuya as Akagi Samon
* Okada Masaki as Yurine Tomohisa
* Shida Mirai as Aoyama Sho
* Kubota Masataka as Kurosaki Yuji
* Ashina Sei as Yuki Midori
* Hayashi Kento as Ikeda Sousuke
* Miyake Hiroki as Yamabuki Saizo
* Tanaka Tetsushi as Kikukawa Goro
* Mikami Kensei as Makimura Shinji
* Shibamoto Kou as Tsutsui Momoko
* Seto Asaka as Matsudo Shiori
* Watabe Atsuro as Saegusa Toshiro
* Santamaria Yusuke as Kaburaki Toru
* Adachi Yumi as Dojima Naomi
* Suzuki Rio as Dojima Tsubaki

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