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Everything starts with the million yen bills that a homeless man wakes up and finds at his feet one morning. It circulates very quickly, like blood which flows in blood vessels and starts to ravage Japan in the same way a virus would. However, it is determined that the money is counterfeit. Despite the sophistication of the notes which can even slip through the most advanced authentication machines at the banks, they have been made so that it will be clearly known that they are counterfeit. Who is behind this? What is the motive for creating the money and giving it to the homeless man? On the other hand, Miyazono Erika, an investigator with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Investigative Division, infiltrates a jewellery shop suspected of money laundering. The presence of the investor, Nonomiya Fuyuhiko, who controls a large amount of funds, emerges in the investigation and Eriks attempts to initiate contact. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a specialist nicknamed Owl has been called in in order to find out the source of the counterfeit notes. That is when he takes notice of a message addressed to himself in them. Before long, the ulterior motives of different people upsets Japan’s economy and begins to lead to the conspiracy of a shady organisation. In the midst of this, Erika gradually gets caught up in Nonomiya’s scheme, but starts to understand his real objective … …

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Nonomiya Fuyuhiko
A mysterious, 39-year-old millionaire investor. He is active behind the scene of an illegal Chinese organisation and controls huge amounts of money. He is plotting to create a society that is free of the current monetary system.

Kuroki Meisa as Miyazono Erika
An investigator with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Investigative Division. While investigating a jewellery shop suspected of money laundering in an undercover operation, she comes into contact with Nonomiya Fuyuhiko and starts to search his background.

Hayashi Kento as Shimabukuro Ichiro
Nicknamed the Owl, he is a professional in authenticating counterfeit notes. He is summoned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department which is searching for the source of the counterfeit notes.

Sasano Takashi as Ikejiri Mutsuro
The founder of Higan Communication which Nonomiya Fuyuhiko sponsors. He is like an adoptive father to Nonomiya. He used to be a university professor.

Ishibashi Renji as Guo Jie
The boss of an international counterfeit currency ring which Nonomiya Fuyuhiko instructs on Japan’s currency printing techniques.

Toyohara Kosuke as Hisaka
An Inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Second Investigative Division. Miyazono Erika’s superior.

Takahashi Katsumi as Goto Shingo
A printer with Shimabukuro Printing. He is a genius at creating counterfeit notes.

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