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Sundays, 10.00 – 11.00 p.m. from 19 October 2014


At the meeting room of mega bank Shiromizu Bank, there is a heated discussion regarding additional financing for Ippudo, a giant supermarket which is in the throes of corporate restructuring. Bando Hiroshi, the credit officer in charge of Ippudo, believes “the important point of a loan is collection” and raises an objection to a loan for Ippudo which has not made efforts to restructure. On the other hand, Nito Tetsuya, the deputy director of planning who fears the aftermath of bankruptcies will extend to the bank, advocates decisive action on loans. Nito finds Bando disagreeable and plots to set him up. Meanwhile, a bomb explosion occurs at an Ippudo outlet. The message claiming responsibility for the attack demands the resignation of Ippudo’s autocratic chairman Kazama Kozo and the company’s liquidation. Furthermore, Ippudo receives a threat promising to keep up with the bombings if it does not agree to the demands. Ippudo is apprehensive that its share price will slump and tries to conceal the message. However, Bando, who received a report, is vehemently opposed to this. He thinks that they should make this public in order to prevent the damage from spreading. At the same moment, Yaen Hiromitsu, a detective of the First Investigative Division, starts to regard a youth near the scene of the bomb explosion with suspicion … …

Oda Yuji as Bando Hiroshi
A credit officer at Hakusui Bank’s Credit Department. He is mainly in charge of loans to underperforming public-listed companies. He believes that the important point of a loan is collection, and he holds the power of life and death over troubled companies. He would fight against irrational company structures.

Takashima Masanobu as Nito Tetsuya
Hakusui Bank’s deputy manager of the Planning Department. He has established a group within the bank called the Nito faction and crushes his opponents. He clashes with Bando Hiroshi over Ippudo’s loan.

Ryu Raita as Kazama Kozo
The chairman of Ippudo. A tyrant who built the company into Japan’s top distribution business in one generation.

Itao Itsuji as Yaen Hiromitsu
A detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division. Rank: Assistant Police Inspector. He is assigned to the investigation of the Ippudo bombing and pursues the case.

Seto Koji as Inunaki Ko
An employee of an electronic components factory. He holds the key to the Ippudo bombing.

Kawashima Umika as Todo Yuki
A nurse. Inunaki Ko’s childhood friend and girlfriend.

Hirayama Hiroyuki as Awashima Heita
A credit officer at Hakusui Bank’s Credit Department. Bando Hiroshi’s subordinate. He respects Bando who sticks to his convictions.

Tsuruta Mayu as Tamaru Naomi
An employee with Hakusui Bank’s Loan Department. She joined the company at the same time as Bando Hiroshi and is in charge of loans to small and medium-sized companies

Ishiguro Ken as Tomobe Yusaku
Ippudo’s director and the manager of the Finance Department. He is concerned about the company’s future and listens to Bando Hiroshi’s opinions.

Ishibashi Ryo as Zaizen Tomoharu
Ippudo’s director and the manager of the Public Relation’s Department. He is like a right-hand man to the chairman, Kazama Kozo, and engages in all sorts of behind the scenes work.

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